Intense orgasmic pure fantasy - Durex

Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex is a small and discreet sensual stimulating sex toy that produces powerful vibrations. Fantastic in the world of the stimulators. It is ideal for the stimulation of the clitoris and of the whole body, which is why you and your couple will be able to discover more exciting ways to have a good time of together.

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Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex: the perfect sex toy to heat up and to enjoy of the best intimate relations in couple.

Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex is a stimulating toy that will lead you to discovering a most more pleasurable and intense sex. It is little and discreet, but produce an enormous pleasure. Its multi-velocity function allows adapting it to the intensity suitable for its users preferences at every moment. Make the possible precise stimulation with the intensity focalized on the dot and the stimulation of the clitoris; And it is designed using safe materials for the body. Its reduced size makes it discreet and ideal to carry in a purse... although you do not become confused: Although it is small, it has an high power and autonomy that let you use it for up to 5 hours.

Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex It is a vibrator indicated for the vaginal penetration. Because it is made by Durex, you will feel safe when using it, since you know that one of its principles is the quality in its products. Furthermore, it is composed of respectful materials with the skin and the inner membranes. A hypoallergenic stimulator, that is easy-to-use and silent, in order that you have a good time without worries. It is indicated for your vaginal use, because its contoured shape manages to intensify the feminine pleasure. It can be used in water, making out of a shower or of one restroom an intense experience.

Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex is an elegant stimulating toy. Use it to initiate a journey of discovery toward a most satisfactory and pleasurable sex. With adjustable intensity according to what want yout at every moment and control multi-velocity to regulate intensity easily. It is made from safe materials for the body and besides helps you to achieve stimulation on the dot for focalized intensity and stimulation of the clitoris. With Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex, you will get a real stimulation that will allow you having the best experiences of pleasure and helps to keep those fantasies that you have beeing wanting so much.

Facts of Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex

  • Contoured shape
  • Multi-velocity control
  • Water-resistant
  • Soft and smooth to slide of sensual way
  • Made from materials safe the body
  • Stimulation on the dot for focalized intensity and stimulation of the clitoris
  • Small and discreet, but with powerful vibrations
  • Product of excellent quality

Intense Orgasmic Pure Fantasy from Durex is the perfect stimulating toy for those people that want to experience the maximum pleasure and to achieve their fantasies. It will allow you living one the best moments in your intimate relations. Thanks to its multi-velocity function, you will be able to have the pleasure in your hands. Dare with something different, a product that will make you feel sexy and modern!

Recommended use: as a sex toy, put it in the vagina and choose the most pleasant mode of use.

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