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Condoms taste me - Durex

Condoms "Taste me" from Durex is an excellent pack of condoms that will offer you a completely pleasurable sensation in each intercourse that you have. In its marvelous presentation of fruit-bearing tastes, in order that you have a good time with your couple of the maximum pleasure. It is totally transparent and comfortable.

    Condoms "Taste me" from Durex, with a mix of tastes, aromas and colors that will allow you have a more amusing and pleasurable intercourse.

    Condoms "Taste me" from Durex is the most used condom which is indicated for oral sex. It consists of a fine case manufactured of rubber latex, 100% natural and smooth, in different colors and flavors that is also used for intercourse and is placed on the penis to prevent semen from entering the vagina or mouth and thus avoiding unwanted pregnancies, is also used to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Once the experience have finished, the condom will have fulfilled its function. The most convenient step would be to take it away before it becomes soft.

    Condoms "Taste me" from Durex is the most original condom that exists so it lets sexual relations be fraught of pleasure, comfort and spontaneity. They have an original and unique design, with a thickness and size acceptable in order that the touchy part to the contact does not get lost. All this thanks to his high-grade materials. They are elaborate with criteria that respect the environment and the rights of workers that elaborate them. Furthermore, its comes with different fruit-bearing tastes such as strawberry, banana and orange. Which contributes fun to your experience.

    Condoms "Taste me" from Durex gives an special sexual activity in each person, a very important aspect inside the private life, and it should take effect with the due responsibility and protection to avoid the contagion of different diseases, and having a better control over family planning. Since they are very useful to prevent the sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, this barrier method has 98% of effectiveness in the prevention of pregnancy. This product is clinically proven to meet the strictest international quality standards.

    Facts of Condoms "Taste me" from Durex

    • Easy and comfortable use
    • With delicious fruit-bearing tastes
    • Classic shape
    • Transparent and lubricated
    • Nominal width 53MM
    • Made of a ultra-thin material
    • Clinically and dermatologically proven
    • 100% electronically tested

    Condoms "Taste me" from Durex offers you a intimacy fraught with pleasure and experiencing new games, Durex is your better brand because it assures you an amusing intimacy with a delicious taste that fills you with desire and satisfaction, and therefore there will be no awkward distractions, you just have to relax and have a good time.

    Recommended use: as a condom, put it on before intercourse, for a better safety and prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

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