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Soft Sensitive Condoms - Durex

Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex is a product of excellent quality, maximum safety and resistance. Feel the pleasure without missing any detail, with this condom completely transparent, thin and soft. It is easy to place and provides a perfect fit. It masks the smell of latex, as it has an excellent Zeus scent.

    Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex, with the best quality of a fine condom and extralubricated so that the contact feels smooth.

    Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex are condoms of a high quality and safety, without limiting your pleasure sessions, some of its features are: being adjustable and thin, reducing the thickness of the rubber, making them more sensitive to total and direct physical contact, and with its extra of lubricant you can feel every detail of your experience with much more intensity and a tone of freshness, without annoying frictions of any kind.

    Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex are preservatives made of natural rubber latex and are smooth, thin and extralubricated, with a Zeus scent that masks the smell of latex, optimizing its comfort and without losing its degree of protection. It is easily plaed and attachment, thanks to a patented Durex system, Easy-On, that allows to fit perfectly to the male anatomy. Usually, the smell of latex makes it an uncomfortable element between the couple, this product subtracts that annoying smell with a mild Zeus scent, so that this is not an impediment in using a condom.

    Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex is a much lighter and thinner condom than the others, with a friendly thickness to make it more sensitive than offered by a traditional condom. You can have the same security and protection, but with a barrier even thinner than before. Its main characteristics are to increase the pleasure by means of feeling more the contact, almost direct with the other skin and also to be extra lubricated, so that all your movements are fluid and smooth. The presentation of these condoms is in transparent mode, lubricated and with deposit, with scent to counteract the smell of latex. In standard size.

    Facts of Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex

    • Transparent thin condoms
    • Smoother feeling due to its extra lubricant
    • Greater protection with better contact
    • Made of natural rubber latex
    • Nominal width of 56mm, the finest in the market
    • Easy placement and adjustment with Easy-On system, with tank.
    • They are clinically and dermatologically tested
    • 100% electronically tested
    • Ultra thin and with Zeus scent that masks the smell of latex

    Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex are an excellent choice to use as a contraceptive method and prevent venereal diseases, if you are seeking greater comfort with the highest quality and safety. You will feel everything more smoothly, increasing the levels of sexual concentration and the pleasure both for you and your partner. Soft Sensitive Condoms from Durex replace the previous model: Sensitive Comfort. If you want to feel more, these are the recommended ones.

    Recommended use: as a condom, put on before intercourse. To prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), use during sexual intercourse, or as a method of preventing pregnancy.

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