Condoms Sensitive Full Contact - Durex

Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex are an excellent method of protection during sex. Feel the maximum protection, while enjoying the pleasure of feeling much more with your partner. Ultra thin, perfect lubrication and Sensi-Fit for greater pleasure.

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    Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex, the best ultra thin condoms with extra lubrication, which will give you the greatest pleasure while having sex.

    Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex are transparent with reservoir tip, extra lubricated and with Zeus aroma that masks the smell of latex. Its thickness, practically imperceptible, allows to enjoy in an inalterable way of all the sensations. In addition, its extra dose of lubricant makes the relationships even more pleasurable.

    Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex are ultra-thin and offer you a better fit. Thanks to Sensi-Fit, they give you a great sensibility just where you want it most, thus helping to make your sex more pleasurable. The thinness of the condom allows both he and she to get the most fun, generating a matchless experience at any time of the day. A very frequent problem in couples is that the boy can hold out a little more while the girl has not yet managed to reach orgasm. To solve that issue Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex were created, which will help them delay ejaculation and feel the greatest pleasure possible as if they did not have the condom on. Since it is true that the sensitivity decreases a little when using a condom. That is why Durex has taken out these special condoms that offer us greater sensitivity (and they do work). Because, they even allow him to feel more heat from the woman's vagina.

    Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex you will avoid an unwanted pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS or human papilloma thanks to the great resistance with which this reinforced latex is made and the deposit to avoid any leak of semen. This condom has, as it has been said, an extra lubrication, are always an option of the most interesting, especially if there is tendency to dryness. They are also suitable for specific moments of lack of lubrication such as the first sexual intercourse or the first encounters after childbirth. This condom will make sex easier and more enjoyable.

    Facts of Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex

    • Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex
    • Ultrathin
    • Transparent and with extra lubrication
    • Straight form with Sensi Fit and reservoir tip to retain semen
    • Greater penetration sensitivity for better pleasure

    Condoms Sensitive Full Contact from Durex provide protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases effectively. Guaranteed by Durex, number 1 company in the sale of condoms in the world.

    Recommended Use: as a common condom, use only when the penis is erect, avoid contact with a penetrating puncture object so as not to break the product and avoid accidents. Discard after use.

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