Condoms Natural Plus from Durex are an excellent product, ideal for maintaining maximum protection during sex. It prevents sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, while providing you with comfort and durability that only the prestigious Durex brand can offer you.

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    Condoms Natural Plus from Durex, the original condom to make love with a plus of comfort and protection, without complications.

    Condoms Natural Plus from Durex are one of the most popular contraceptive methods and to prevent STDs. The condom works by capturing the spermatozoa as they are released and preventing them from having free access to your partner. The tip has a reservoir that collects man's semen and prevents it from entering the vagina during ejaculation. Using the condom is easy, it is about unwinding the condom over the penis just before intercourse. Once the experience is over, the condom will have fulfilled its function. The best thing would be to remove it before it softens.

    Condoms Natural Plus from Durex is the most comfortable way to have sex with your partner in a safe environment without lowering the level of pleasure. It is a classic condom for those who do not feel confident in looking for something extravagant. They perform in a useful and effective way all the main functions of a barrier condom, avoiding unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), but with a Plus of flexibility and comfort that is not achieved in other products.

    Condoms Natural Plus from Durex is the original of this brand, manufactured with smooth and natural latex rubber, are lubricated and have no smell, no color and texture of any kind, being a classic but effective condom for any occasion. They are made to favor the comfort of using a condom in the sexual experience, because of its anatomical shape Easy-On with deposit, which helps to place it without any problem, prolonging your pleasant moments without wasting time in uncomfortable oppositions when you are putting it on. They have a current ergonomic design, with an acceptable thickness and size so that the sensitive part to contact are not lost, all thanks to its high quality materials.

    Facts of Condoms Natural Plus from Durex

    • Condom made of natural-rubber, smooth, transparent and lubricated latex.
    • No specific odor, no color and no texture
    • Easy to place and fasten
    • It has a plus of comfort by its anatomical format Easy-On
    • Nominal width: 56 mm and standard size
    • They are clinically and dermatologically tested
    • 100% electronically tested

    Condoms Natural Plus from Durex are useful, easy to place, providing an extra comfort compared other types of rubber latex condoms. It increases the pleasant moment to the maximum without any inconvenience with the best thing of the brand Durex. Choose the right condom for you and your companion with the high quality manufacture of this brand.

    Recommended Use: as a method of sexual care, place a Condom from Durex before intercourse. As a method to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) use in the sexual act, or as a method to prevent pregnancies.

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