Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex are condoms of high quality and durability, with a bulging and grooved pattern that will make your couple feel much more pleasure during intercourse. It contains lubricant and retardant, to prolong that moment before ejaculation.

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Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex: the ideal condom ever developed, the only one that gives you real pleasure.

Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex a condom designed for you because you spend hours of intense training and you think you will not be able to satisfy your couple. Mutual Climax from Durex helps you to have a meeting full of pleasure, has a shape and texture designed to intensify the sensations. It has a bulging and grooved pattern that increase her orgasms, at the same time contains a small amount of benzocaine that delays his ejaculation.

Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex helps the couple reach the climax mutually. It is a condom that helps the couple get together at the peak of intimate relationships, have a shape and texture designed to intensify feelings and contain a retardant lubricant to prolong the encounter and stimulate both. The "Easy On" design of the condoms Mutual Climax from Durex makes them very easy to put on and also very comfortable, adapting very well to your needs. All these tastes you can feel and enjoy thanks to the high quality components with which it is made, and you will have an unforgettable experience that you never tried with any other condom of the competition.

Durex recommends the proper and responsible use of condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies. We know that sex is essential and is necessary in the life of any athlete since it is proven that brings great benefits to the body and mind, it makes us feel better, younger and healthier. Recent studies have shown that a man takes about 7 minutes to reach orgasm, while a woman needs something more than 20 minutes, sometimes is difficult for the couple to get to the climax, so Mutual Climax from Durex has 5% of benzocaine which is an ester that blocks the nerve impulses, that is to say, that acts as local anesthetic, contributing to reduce the sensitivity of the glans, thus achieving that the ejaculation is delayed.

Facts of Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex

  • Bulging and grooved pattern for her
  • Contains lubricant, with 5% benzocaine that delays his ejaculation
  • More intense experience
  • Easy-On shape for easy placement
  • Natural rubber latex condom with a bulging and grooved pattern
  • Width 56mm

Condoms Mutual Climax from Durex is really fundamental for the today's athletes, as it benefits them by helping them to lead an active but safe sex life, away from all unnecessary risk, it also benefits you when it comes to satisfying your sexual needs and that of your partner so that they get intense and pleasant moments for both.

Recommended use: as a condom, for greater prevention and care, use before intercourse.

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