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Latex-free Condoms - Durex

Latex-free Condoms from Durex are designed with a latex-free material of advanced technology, for all those individuals who are allergic to latex, since it is made of polyurethane, a material that provides the guarantee of not having any of the components, so they are totally hypo-allergenic and safe.

    Latex-free Condoms from Durex, the enhanced condom made of latex-free material, unique to you.

    Latex-free Condoms from Durex helps you to have a good sexual relatio, fundamental and necessary in the life of any athlete since it is proven that brings great benefits to the body and mind, it makes us feel better, younger and healthier. They are the first option for casual sex, not only to prevent pregnancies, but also to take care of your health. The good thing is to know that there are alternatives for everyone, even for people who are allergic to latex, and who did not find a reliable solution, as it helps you achieve a feeling of skin-to-skin contact.

    Latex-free Condoms from Durex are the new answer to safe sex in people who have had problems before with exposure to latex, since they have been developed with a revolutionary material such as polyurethane as it does not cause any type of allergic reaction, something extremely important, and it is also worth noting that there will be no problem in experiencing new sensations in the intimacy, whether it be in relationships or casual relationships. All these tastes you can feel and enjoy thanks to the high quality components with which it is made, and you will have an unforgettable experience that you have never tried with any other condom of the competitors.

    Latex-free Condoms from Durex has higher rates of clinical breakage compared to latex condoms, but the former have a great advantage as they are an acceptable alternative for those with allergies, sensitivity or preferences that prevent them from systematically using latex condoms. They are totally hypo allergenic and safe, in addition, their anatomical design "easy on" make them more comfortable than normal condoms, and surprisingly easy to put for that.

    Facts of Latex-free Condoms from Durex

    • Durex condoms smell better
    • Transparent and lubricated
    • Anatomical shape Easy-On, with reservoir
    • Nominal width: 56mm
    • They conduct heat better than latex
    • They are thinner than most latex condoms
    • They are not damaged when used with lubricants containing oil
    • Made from the best materials
    • Safe and reliable product
    • Excellent quality

    Latex-free Condoms from Durex is an excellent alternative for all those who have ever had problems with standard condoms, since taking care during sexual relations is really fundamental for today's athlete, since it benefits them by helping them to lead an active and safe sex life, far from unnecessary risk. Plus it gives you a guarantee of confidence that the brand offers.

    Recommended use: as a condom, for greater prevention and care, put it on the penis before intercourse.

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