Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms - Durex

Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex are a perfect protection during the sexual relation. It gives you total invisibility, just as if you were skin to skin with your partner. Easy to use, manufactured in a comfortable ultra-thin material, so you can feel more pleasure in every movement.

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Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex, with ultra-thin latex walls that give you greater sensitivity and protection.

Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex is an ultra-thin condom designed for those who want to experience greater sensitivity in privacy by providing greater safety and protection. In addition, it comes with lubricant that keeps you protected without causing discomfort or irritation to the genitals, so your senses will be focused on pleasure.

Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex, the world's thinnest condom, which allows intercourse to be full of pleasure, comfort and naturalness. It is made of latex material of lubricated natural rubber that is a 100% natural material that prevents the entry of pathogenic microorganisms and favors the healing process when a wound occurs that allows you to have safe sexual relations without any risk, and at the same time are developed with criteria that respect the environment and the rights of the workers who produce them. In addition, they constitute a physical barrier that prevent sperm from entering the female reproductive tract. They also act as a barrier against infectious microorganisms and prevent STI/HIV transmission from one sex partner to another.

Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex, the condom that takes care of the sexual activity of each person, a very important element within the private life and must be carried out with the proper responsibility and protection to avoid the contagion of different diseases and to have a greater control of the familiar planning. Since they are very useful for preventing sexually transmitted diseases, bacteria and viruses such as HIV. In addition, this barrier method has a 98% effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. They are clinically proven to meet the highest international quality standards. Using them correctly can help reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, it is important to note that no contraceptive method provides 100% effective protection against pregnancy.

Facts of Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex

  • They are very easy to use
  • Protects you against sexually transmitted diseases
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Made from ultra-thin material
  • Lubricated with silicone fluid and anatomically without side effects
  • Gives you greater pleasure and sensitivity

Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex are made of ultra-thin latex, which are smooth and transparent. Its dimensions are straight and nominal width of 52mm, natural color. It is designed with you in mind. Invisible & Extra Sensitive Condoms from Durex is your best option if you want to have an intimacy full of pleasure and sensitivity without diminishing your resistance level.

Recommended Use: as a condom, use it before intercourse. It can be used for oral and anal sex.

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