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Condoms Intense Orgasmic - Durex

Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex is the ideal condom designed for you, with spots, grooves and stimulating gel that provides a greater pleasure to the couple in sexual relations made of natural rubber latex material, transparent, lubricated and textured spots and grooves for a more intense sensation.

    Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex, the ideal new format of condoms, for a more intense sensation and greater pleasure.

    Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex are the new answer to safe sex in those people who have had problems before with exposure to latex, since they have been developed using a novel material. The "Easy On" design of these condoms makes them very easy to put on and also very comfortable, adapting very well to your needs. In addition, it is designed with relief of points and grooves to feel with greater intensity and stimulation the nerve ending to facilitate orgasms. It also contains cool-effect stimulating gel to intensify the sensations during the sexual act and causes a tingling sensation. It is comfortable and fits perfectly.

    Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex gives you more experience when it comes to having sex. Fundamental and necessary in the life of any couple, since it is proven that brings great benefits to the body and mind, and makes us feel better, younger and healthier, also note that there will be no problem in experiencing new sensations in the intimacy of the room, whether it be from relationships or casual relationships, because Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex are dermatologically tested. It has a texture with grooves and points to increase the friction, it is impregnated of the gel Desirex, enhancer to make synergy, you will be able to obtain a greater enjoyment during the sexual relations.

    Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex is one of the condoms of the wide range of the brand. It offers different types of condoms, and now also includes new products, such as lubricants and stimulators. Taking care of yourself during sex is really crucial for the couple. There is no excuse to have a good time and protect yourself at the same time with the guarantee of confidence offered by the brand, as it is an intimate protector designed for the enjoyment of both to be in the intimate moment where both can obtain and satisfy their needs.

    Facts of Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex

    • Designed with deep spots and grooves to intensify the sensations
    • Natural latex condoms, transparent
    • Comfortable and fits perfectly
    • Maximize pleasure in your sexual relations
    • Anatomical shape Easy-On, with reservoir
    • Nominal width 56 mm
    • More intense experience

    Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex is a product that stimulates the female orgasm and its greater intensity to be lubricated with a gel enhancer, giving the woman a sensation of local tingling very pleasant that increases the pace of excitement to match it with that of the male. If you are looking for an intense experience never achieved, Condoms Intense Orgasmic from Durex is made for you.

    Recommended Use: as a condom use only when the penis is erect. Avoid contact with a sharp object so as not to break the product and avoid accidents. Store in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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