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Chilly Gel - 50ml

Chilly Gel from Chilly is a gel for intimate daily use with natural menthol for maximum freshness and prolonged protection throughout the day. It is composed of natural menthol and Ph5. It is hypoallergenic, that is, avoids the risk of allergies.

    Chilly Gel from Chilly, for the intensive care of the intimate areas of her, maximum freshness thanks to menthol.

    Chilly Gel from Chilly is an indispensable product on the shelf of the bathroom, or in the chest of the bedroom of a woman that takes care of her body. If daily suffering from irritation and discomfort in the intimate areas you need a product for external use only that helps you forget those discomforts that in the long run can affect your own life or that with your couple. Overall health depends on the deep cleansing of all parts of the body, and more on the intimate part, which, on many occasions, due to poor hygiene can generate various diseases. Ideal to combat excessive sweating or perspiration caused by sports.

    Chilly Gel from Chilly is a gel for use in the intimate areas that creates a sensation of freshness when applied and helps to protect the skin, because it restores the natural physiological balance of the mucous membranes. It is made of natural fresh menthol, which can be applied in any kind of skin, and relax the area in which it is applied. Menthol extract is an oil extracted from the leaves and flowers of mint, and its refreshing and flavoring properties are well known. It is also based on pH5, to restore acceptable pH levels of the body and to respect the natural physiology of the external genital mucosa and the surrounding skin areas.

    Chilly Gel from Chilly protects for a long period of time, all day and when it is most needed, for example, in the daily performance at work that can generate an annoying sweating, and as it is also suitable for women who are in the period of menstruation. To achieve optimal body protection, it is necessary to have controlled mucous and bacteria that can build up in the most affected areas such as the intimate ones and parts such as the armpits, etc.

    Facts of Chilly Gel from Chilly

    • Intimate use gel for women
    • Natural and lasting freshness
    • Maximum protection against mucous and sweating
    • Aromatic and refreshing property of the natural mint
    • Helps maintain stable pH in the genital area
    • Suitable for daily use during menstruation
    • Clinically tested for quality
    • Combats sports perspiration
    • Prevents bad odors
    • Increased hydration in the skin
    • Hypoallergenic, avoid the risk of allergies.

    Chilly Gel from Chilly is the best to protect your skin, thanks to it is a natural product based on mint. Experience a fresh feeling as you want it with daily protection and as an extra bonus, it is hypoallergenic to have no limits on the use of this product for external use only. The intimate gel was designed for women with sensitive skins and avoid the annoying irritations and resentment that can be generated by a sweating in the daily life. It prevents bad odors thanks to mint.

    Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply to the intimately moistened area and extend the product, paying attention to the genital area. Suitable for daily use.

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