Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is an intimate lubricating gel with cherry flavor and aroma. It provides a fruity and sweet taste in maintaining sexual relations. Besides that not only brings the flavor, but also provides the aroma giving a unique and pleasant experience, to play and enjoy.

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Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex, to enjoy, in couple, really delicious experiences with cherry flavor.

Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex allows you to relieve vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort while creating a unique experience for both. It is a lubricating gel with a delicious taste and pleasant aroma of cherry. It contains no sugar, so you can use it free of guilt. It is water-based so that it is safe to use with condoms. Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is suitable for both women and men. It is made from the best quality components, thanks to its select ingredients, and supervised by experts.

Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is perfect to have a unique and pleasant experience, to play and enjoy, use it wherever and whenever you want. Using a lubricating gel can flavor your sex life, experimenting with different flavors and sensations until you find the one you prefer. No matter how sexy you feel, you may experience vaginal dryness; This product helps to reduce vaginal dryness and facilitates penetration, increasing the pleasure of sexual relations. Lubricating gels are also perfect for use with either vibrators or even serve as a stimulus to make the situation more sensual.

Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is soluble in water and easy to eliminate. Of low density, so it does not remain greasy and does not stain. Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is a gel that provides a fruity and sweet flavor when it comes to have sexual relations. This lubricant is suitable for vaginal, anal and oral use. Experience an unforgettable moment and add a delicious flavor and aroma to your intimate moments with this product. It also helps you to improve the intimacy of relationships. It is undoubtedly the favorite product of those who lead a very active sexual life.

Facts of Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex

  • Transparent
  • Cherry flavor and aroma
  • Non-greasy and non-staining
  • Water-based
  • Compatible with use of condoms and toys
  • Suitable for vaginal, oral and anal use
  • Improves the intimacy of relationships
  • With easy-open stopper
  • The sweetest relations you'll ever have
  • For kisses, licks, and others

Cherry Pleasure Gel from Durex is ideal for sexual relations full of the best experience and the best pleasure. Excellent for vaginal dryness thus facilitating penetration and increasing pleasure. Try it and you will be delighted with the results after using it. You will see that these frustrations in the intimate relations will remain in the past with the quality and excellence of this product, perfect for you.

Recommended Use: use it topically, apply the desired amount where you want to lubricate. You can apply to the Durex condom once it is in place.

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