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Venox Gel Roll-On - 60 ml

Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi is a refreshing gel for external use only, ideal for relaxing massages on specific areas where there is some pain or injury, whether these are as a result of standing for a long time, sports, recreational activities, among others.

    Get the rest your body needs and deserves after a hard day of activities at work, an intense training in the gym or whatever you do. With Venox Gel Roll-On from Drasanvi, a product that is synonym with maximum well-being, you can relax and take advantage of its amazing benefits.

    This topical product is perfect to relieve certain pains, which is possible due to the substances that make it up.

    Some of the most important are: aloe vera, which among other things, helps the appearance of the skin, giving softness, hydration and also contributes to its recovery from injuries; wheat germ, which contains vitamins E and B, antioxidants and zinc; mint gives that effect of freshness and relief; the horse chestnut plant and blueberries support the process of circulation; gotu kola stimulates the production of collagen; among others. Therefore, Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi has ​​the ideal components, which together provide comfort to the people who use it.

    Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi is intended to relieve pain, especially in the legs, which are the support of the body. Now, this product is extraordinary useful when applied at night, after a day of work or various activities of our daily life, thus achieving a pleasant sleep that allow to start the next day with more energy. It is important to emphasize that standing for a long time at work or in any other activity brings as a consequence problems of circulation, swelling, heaviness and others, which impair the pace of our lifestyle and that in the short, medium or long term can cause greater difficulties if they are not attacked in time.

    To that end, Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi is great for sportsmen and/or athletes, particularly for women who need a product for this type of situation, which not only must provide relief, but also take care of the skin and, more specifically, legs, by helping them to be healthy, looking healthy and, of course, one that improves the person's health. Similarly, it can be used by anyone who requires this remedy of effective and natural action.

    Facts of Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi

    • Natural product.
    • Helps improve the circulatory system.
    • Easy to apply.
    • For external use only.
    • Ideal for giving relaxing massages to the legs.
    • To get rid of heaviness.
    • To decrease pain.
    • Can be used by everyone.

    Completely relieve any pain in your legs with a relaxing massage, using the best gel, with extraordinary properties to take care of this important part of the body. With Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi, you get the rest your body needs and deserves. Don't you like that?

    Recommended use: as a medicinal product, apply Venox Roll-On Gel from Drasanvi directly on the affected area and then massage until completely absorbed.

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