Sintox from Drasanvi is a supplement made from extracts of Propolis. This substance is made by bees to protect its hive against the attack of viruses, bacteria or fungi. It is a strong antiseptic that keeps biological agent infections at bay.

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    Sintox from Drasanvi, ideal for strengthening the immune system.

    Sintox from Drasanvi is based on Propolis. It is worth saying that Propolis is a substance made by bees from resins of various plants. These insects use it to cover the outside of the hive tightly and protect it against viruses, fungi and bacteria. This is because it has a strong effect to prevent the attack of microorganisms. For this reason, it has been used since antiquity to treat infections, sores or different types of wounds. The virtues of propolis are due to the fact that it is composed of several substances such as the flavonoids: galangina and quercitina. In addition, it should be mentioned that Sintox from Drasanvi has the enormous advantage of being enriched with vitamin C as well as with minerals such as copper, zinc and manganese. All this magnificent combination contributes to strengthening the immune system. For this reason, it is a recommended supplement to have a healthy and full life daily.

    The name Propolis is of Greek origin and literally means "defender of the city". Many centuries ago, the Egyptians and Hellenes already used it to cure infections and to avoid complications in the wounds. Its antiseptic qualities are truly remarkable. Bees synthesize this substance thanks to various resins and pollen from plants that collect in its constant flight by various places. Once they manage to consume a good amount of Propolis, they spread it around its combs. In this way, they create a true wall against viruses, bacteria and fungi capable of attacking the hive. They also ensure that the honey remains untouched, free of toxins and does not decompose easily. Because of its virtues, Propolis is used in both natural and conventional medicine, giving excellent results in both. For this reason, products like Sintox from Drasanvi have been created to allow the body to be endowed with all the advantages of Propolis, thus achieving a remarkable strengthening of the immune system and keeping a large number of diseases at bay.

    Facts of Sintox from Drasanvi

    • Prepared from extracts of Propolis
    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Natural product
    • Enriched with vitamin C
    • Minerals: copper, zinc and manganese
    • Keeps diseases at bay

    Propolis is a substance of natural origin, produced by bees. It is a strong antiseptic that they use to cover the walls of its hive. Its extract is recommended for humans with the intention of increasing the body's defenses.

    Recommended use: it is recommended to take 30 ml a day, divided into 2 or 3 doses. It can be ingested directly or diluted in a hot drink.

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