Sananitos Regutrans Syrup - 150ml

Sananitos Regutrans Syrup from Drasanvi is a children's supplement designed to improve the digestive health of children. It is made from extracts of plum, apple and kiwi, which provide fibers useful for children's metabolism. Mallow stands out among its ingredients, because it helps to increase the effectiveness of the immune system.

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    Sananitos Regutrans Syrup from Drasanvi, delicious syrup for a better digestion in children.

    Within the range of children's supplements, Drasanvi offers several versions of this product, some dealing with nutrition, hydration and other aspects of children's health. In this particular case, we try to give children a supplement that will help improve the digestive processes. To do this, a combination of extracts of plum, apple and kiwi is made. These three fruits are characterized by their high fiber content, which makes food circulate easily through the digestive tract. To complete the desired effect, tamarind and mauve extracts are also added. It is known that tamarind is useful for constipation. While mallow enhances the defenses and prevents diseases that may impair the intestinal function. For all these reasons, this product is one of the best options for parents devoted to their children's growth and health, who must have a balanced and healthy diet that ensures the necessary nutrients for their development.

    Consumption of fiber is one of the keys to proper digestion. Therefore, the consumption of fruit extracts such as plum, apple or kiwi is a suitable recommendation, as these are extremely fibrous. In addition, they are fibers of easy intestinal transit, perfect for children's consumption. In this way, it is avoided that the little ones suffer inconveniences when eating which soon become lack of appetite. On the other hand, it is important to point out the amount of mallow extract contained in this product. This plant is known for its health properties, being used as anti-inflammatory or antipyretic. Its consumption helps to prevent diseases, since it stimulates the operation of the immune system. In this way, two positive points are achieved. The first is that the child's digestion runs smoothly thanks to the fiber. The second, that no infections appear due to the action of blackberry extract. In addition, tamarind is added, which is perfect to regulate constipation in children and thus achieve an integral contribution to the health of the youngest.

    Facts of Sananitos Regutrans Syrup from Drasanvi

    • For children.
    • Contains fiber from plum, apple and kiwi extracts.
    • Provides extracts of mallow and plum.
    • Optimizes the digestive process in children.
    • Improves the immune system.
    • Prevents inappetence and constipation

    The health of children must be taken care of in an integral way, that includes being attentive to that their digestive processes happen correctly with products like the one described here.

    Recommended use: from 3 years, take 20 ml, two tablespoons daily. It can be taken on its own or dissolved in some other liquid.

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