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Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON - 60ml

Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi is a roll-on product which applies a gel made of Arnica, Chamomile, Salvia, Rosemary, Harpagofito, Olive Oil and Essential Oil of Cinnamon, which act together to give an immediate sensation of lightness and well-being, thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties that revitalize and heal the skin.

    Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi, with antiinflammatory properties.

    The muscular pains are part of our day to day, we are not immune to them unfortunately, but what we can do is to treat them in the most effective way possible, in this way, Drasanvi brings a new product aimed at treating those muscle aches with natural ingredients in a topical and pleasant way.

    For this reason Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi was created, which is made with natural ingredients that have beneficial effects to relieve muscle pain and inflammation as well as providing a sensation of lightness and well-being unequaled in the area where it is applied. Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi is mainly made from Arnica montana, also called mountain tobacco, is a plant native to Europe where it grows wild in central and southern Europe. It has a pleasant aroma similar to that of chamomile as well as being very showy, since its petals are bright yellow.

    This plant has been used since the middle ages to treat skin irritations, in addition to being used as a natural remedy for laxations, bruises, sprains and traumatisms, since when applied externally it has an anti-inflammatory, fungicidal, antibiotic, antihistaminic, cicatrizant, sedative and analgesic action. Chamomilla Matricaria, also called simply chamomile, is a herbaceous plant native to the European continent, has a very pleasant aroma and flowers very characteristic of this family of plants. Chamomile is a very popular medicinal plant, since it extracts oils and uses its petals to make teas and medicinal preparations. It can also be used topically, because it contains antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties. Olive Oil, extracted from Olea or Olive tree, is an oil with a wide use ranging from culinary to medicinal, also stands out for its benefits when used topically, as it has moisturizing, healing and antioxidant properties, which prevents premature skin aging.

    Facts of Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi

    • Made of Arnica (Arnica montana), Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Harpagofito (Harpagophytum procumbens), Salvia, Olive Oil and Essential Oil of Cinnamon.
    • Anti-inflammatory, sedative, moisturizing and antihistaminic effect.
    • Improves blood circulation in the area where it is applied.
    • Nice smell.
    • Attractive and practical presentation roll-on type.

    Oseogen Rescue Gel Roll-ON from Drasanvi is ideal for those people who want to use a gel with anti-inflammatory, sedative and moisturizing properties, it is special people who practice any type of sport and want a product of natural origin that helps them treat sprains, bruises and skin irritation.

    Recommended Use: apply the roll-on directly to the area to be treated. Massage until absorbed to obtain an immediate and lasting sensation of well-being and lightness in the skin.

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