Oseogen 7G - 20 Vials

Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi is a nutritional supplement rich in vitamins that will help you maintain the health of your body, protecting your muscles and bone structure. It prevents joint injuries, prevents the ligaments from breaking and protecting your bones from wear and tear.

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Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi gives greater mobility and vitality to cartilage.

Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi stimulates the protein molecule such as collagen that strengthens bones, joints, muscles and is ideal for maintaining elasticity in the skin. Its complement counteracts those aches produced over the years and a hard physical training since it contributes to the cellular reinforcement. This nutritional supplement is enriched with a large amount of plant extracts such as turmeric, cissus and hawthorn; In addition, it is potent and unique multivitamin that provides the essential nutrients to the organism.

Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi comes in a unique presentation of powder with a delicious and vitamin orange flavor that makes it easy to dissolve. Its energetic high impact ingredients make it indisputable in the healing area, because it has incorporated silicon, dry extract of horsetail and not to mention, that is free of sugars, sweeteners and colorings.

Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi is one of the favorite supplements in the nutritional market because it provides great contributions to the body. Athletes, sportsmen, bodybuilders prefer it for providing glucosamine and chondroitin, both known to be used in natural medicine because they prevent joint pain, osteoporosis, inflammation and difficulty in movement. The body is considered as the temple of the human being and this must be carefully and strengthened to avoid the wear and tear caused by a strenuous workout. Its valuable properties are the product of plant extracts that help to invigorate the immune system and the optimal development of the connective tissue.

Facts of Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi

  • Prevents and reduces joint discomfort.
  • Protects and contributes to the smooth functioning of the joint nerves.
  • Helps the growth of tissues and structures such as bones, muscles, etc.
  • Its formula meets the standards of safety and quality in dietary supplements.
  • It is toned with vitamins B1, B1, B3, B6 and B12.
  • All nutrients are incorporated directly into cell division.
  • Creates ideal fiber to prevent tearing of ligaments.
  • Helps protect against osteoporosis and prevents tendinitis.

Oseogen 7G from Drasanvi and its composition is atomic to nourish the joints and it is essential to ingest this enriched product because it prevents the rapid aging of the cells and tissues leading to the irreversible loss of the locomotor apparatus. The body requires timely attention in the joint area because being healthy will have a better mechanical displacement making you everyday a better version of youself.

Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, take it diluted in water or in the juice of your choice. You can add a touch of sugar for your consumption. It is recommended to take with a rich breakfast or basic food.

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