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Organic Silicon - 1l

Organic Silicon created by drasanvi is developed with a formula dissolved in water to optimize the absorption of this ingredient in the gut. Organic Silicon from Drasanvi is designed from plants and dry extracts, thus achieving a higher concentration of the active ingredient.

    Organic Silicon from drasanvi increases defenses and strengthens the immune system.

    Organic Silicon from drasanvi also offers protection to bones and joints. Drasanvi has developed this nutritional product that has the ability to initiate the generation of antigens and antibodies to increase the body's defenses. It also plays a role in the mineralization of bones and is of great importance for the synthesis of fibers, such as elastin and collagen. Because of these qualities it is ideal for treating osteoarthritis problems. Organic Silicon from Drasanvi acts in the cases of hypertension, because it maintains the integrity of the arteries achieving a greater impermeability against the harmful substances, in that way circulates the blood better. It also protects the heart and circulatory system. It also lowers cholesterol levels by preventing bad cholesterol or LDL from sticking to the walls of the arteries.

    Organic Silicon from drasanvi has analgesic and healing action. It acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that relieves tendonitis, contractures and joint pain. It provides protection to the skin, because it is a component of it, improves elasticity. Silicon deficiency causes the appearance of wrinkles and dryness in the skin. It also benefits the hair, nails and teeth. Organic Silicon from Drasanvi protects the body from free radicals and oxidation, because of its electromagnetic structure constantly takes care of ionic balance, and antioxidant activity. It intervenes in the general metabolism, as the regenerative process of cells.

    Silicon is found in the body in small amounts and is the second most abundant element in the earth's crust, after oxygen. Organic Silicon is found in plants and microorganisms that are the only living beings that have the capacity to transform the Silicon mineral into Organic Silicon. It is a product designed with standardized extracts, that is, the plants that are used always provide a known and constant amount of organic silicon.

    Facts of Organic Silicon from drasanvi

    • A natural product.
    • Provides silicon in organic form from dry extracts.

    Organic Silicon from drasanvi is obtained from dry extract which maintains the active principles of interest and removes impurities and other substances. This product brings numerous benefits to the body achieving general well-being. Products developed from plant extracts contain a higher percentage concentration than those made from total plant powder. The assimilation of the active principles is simpler than the assimilation of the set of compounds of a plant.

    Recommended use: It is recommended to ingest the Organic Silicon from drasanvi in takes 30 milliliters per day, using the dosing vessel. It is recommended to consume on an empty stomach.

    Questions and answers
    les he leído que es bueno para la piel y el cabello se puede usar por lo tango en uso externo a modo de loción?
    2020-03-04 14:37:03 Toñi
    hola efectivamente entre otras virtudes de este suplemento de las que nombras tambien aumenta las defensas del organismo,tambien protege el corazon y sistema circulatorio y disminuye el colesterol malo pero lamento informarte de que solo es uso oral y no topico es recomendable tomarlo preferiblemente en ayunas
    2020-05-15 16:46:17 SALVA VALENCIA
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    Un diabético puede consumir este producto?
    2019-11-12 20:38:22 Etélida Arévalo9 García
    Hola buenos días! No te debería dar ningún problema, pero ante una patología siempre recomendamos que sea el médico el que aconseje su uso. UN saludo!
    2019-11-13 10:08:47 Joel
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