Glycerine Ginkgo Biloba - 50ml

Glycerine Ginkgo Biloba from Drasanvi is a useful supplement to streamline cognitive functions. By ingesting it regularly, the inconvenience of frequent forgetfulness or potential drawbacks in rational functions are prevented. It is excellent to increase mental agility and thinking. In addition, it is an excellent antioxidant that prevents problems with free radicals.

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    Glycerine Ginkgo Biloba from Drasanvi. Improve your cognitive and intellectual abilities with this wonderful product.

    Glycerine Ginkgo Biloba from Drasanvi is a magnificent supplement made from extracts of the Ginko Biloba tree. It is one of the oldest species on planet earth, as it is estimated to exist about 200 million years ago on the face of the earth. Its leaves are allowed to dry and then a powder is extracted with many health benefits. The first thing that draws attention is that it improves cognition, since it often interferes in the conservation of the brain cells. This is perfect for those who have memory problems, or are of a certain age and have trouble remembering their activities. Another great advantage is that it boosts the blood circulation, allowing the organs of the body to have a correct irrigation of nutrients. In short, it turns out that Ginkgo Biloba from Drasanvi is a magnificent nutrient. In addition, it has vegetable glycerin, which not only serves to dilute with the extract, but also helps to preserve the properties of Ginkgo Biloba while avoiding its degradation.

    It is a fact that Ginko Biloba is a unique tree in the world. Thanks to its antiquity, it has aroused the interest of the scientific community. Many agree that its long standing in biological history has been caused by the substances that make up its metabolism, among which we can mention flavonol and lactone glycosides. For centuries, it has been known to be very useful for optimizing brain functions. Those who consume it enjoy a more active mind, suffer less from forgetfulness and are able to solve intellectual matters much more easily. Along with this great virtue, it happens that it is also a great antioxidant. It manages to combat free radicals and prevents the acceleration of the aging process. Very useful to take care of cell membranes, especially those contained in the cerebral cortex. In the case of those who practice athletic activities, it helps them to concentrate better. All this accumulation of benefits is gained thanks to this product, which is also affordable. Likewise, it has an ecological certificate that guarantees that its ingredients are grown naturally, without chemical or fertilizers.

    Facts of Glycerine Ginkgo Biloba from Drasanvi

    • Extract of Ginkgo Biloba tree leaves
    • Improves cognitive functions
    • Optimizes blood circulation
    • Antioxidant
    • Contributes to the overall metabolism
    • Protects cell membranes
    • Ecological

    Ginkgo Biloba has been used for many years in natural medicine. It optimizes the cerebral activity, managing to conserve the cells of the cerebral layers to improve notably the cognition.

    Recommended Use: consume 1 ml (approximately 28 drops) diluted in water. Drink three times a day, before the main meals.

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