Folic Acid from Drasanvi is a vitamin supplement, which will prevent fatigue and tiredness every time you perform your sports activities. It increases your appetite, to be able to feed you as much you want and thus to assimilate your meals daily.

Folic acid 400mcg - 30 caps

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      What do you take it for? Energy, stamina and fatigue is delayed
      How is it taken? Water
      Size per dose One service
      How many times? Once a day
      When should it be taken? Por la mañana con el estomago vacio
      Usos Performance increase

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi. Strengthen your body, forget tiredness and fatigue when performing exercises.

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi is the creation of a 100% nutritious supplement that belongs to the group of vitamin B known as B9, being the recommended daily dose that the body needs. Folic acid is water soluble, that is to say, through the urine, the organism eliminates the excess of the vitamin that the body does not require, in this way it ensures that the body does not accumulate the folic acid, for that reason it must be consumed in the foods and take this vitamin frequently. Folic acid excess is non-toxic in the body, since it is very easy to remove it from our body. It is very important for pregnant women as it helps them to strengthen tissues and avoid congenital malformations, it is essential to take folic acid before pregnancy and during the first trimester to have a lower risk of miscarriage.

      Folic Acid from Drasanvi offers the athlete a better quality of life, because your exercise routine can be a more profitable because fatigue and fatigue will disappear and also be healthy to avoid anemia, strengthening the formation of red blood cells, elaborates the DNA that is where the human body mainly relies to carry genetic information correctly. Folate together with vitamin B12 and vitamin C will strengthen the organism by properly using the proteins, creating new proteins and decomposing the unnecessary. The athlete must have a good appetite and Folic Acid from Drasanvi provides it, stimulating the digestive acids to keep you healthy. Taking these supplements of folic acid also can take care of your circulation, avoiding the possible urticas in the legs and it prevents the menstrual problems.

      The amount of Folic Acid from Drasanvi to be consumed depends on the sex and the age the consumer has. Folic Acid from Drasanvi comes in so-called blister packs that protect the product from hits, environmental effects, moisture and preserving the product for much longer than other presentations.

      Facts of Folic Acid from Drasanvi

      • Avoids anemia
      • Reinforces the formation of red blood cells
      • Participates in the development of DNA
      • Decreases tiredness and fatigue
      • Increases appetite
      • Avoids the prongs
      • Belongs to B vitamins
      • Water soluble
      • Helps tissue growth
      • Stimulates the creation of digestive acids.
      • Form the blood cells
      • Prevents congenital malformations during pregnancy
      • Certified by the vegetarian society
      • Prevents the risk of albortum during the first trimester

      If you are an athlete or you care about your health you must include as a vitamin and nutritional supplement Folic Acid from Drasanvi that will always be watching over your physical stability.

      Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule per day, before training or sports day.

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