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Depur Slim - 14 x 30 ml

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Depur slim from Drasanvi is a nutritional supplement that purifies your body, eliminates toxins and improves your digestive system in such a way that your physical health will improve noticeably from the start. Get a balance in your diet to lose weight naturally and without side effects.

    Depur slim 14x30ml Drasanvi. Dietary support.

    Drasanvi in ??the quest to preserve health and maintain a balanced diet, has developed a product that provides an assistance, an aid, for those who want to achieve a balance in their diet to achieve weight loss naturally and without side effects, which is why Drasanvi presents Depur Slim, in a presentation of 14 ampoules 30 ml. The aspects on which the success of this product is based are the particularity of its diuretic power, its concentration of fiber, and some components that support the burning of body fat. It is common to know that diuretic factors are effective at the time of slimming by the amount of liquid that is able to evacuate our system, thus expelling, the greater amount of leftover ingredients that we do not need in our body. Among leftovers that leave our body we have unduly accumulated fluids, fats and some toxins that prevent the normal functioning of metabolism.

    Fiber is an existing component in vegetables, which plays a fundamental role in the instestinal processes and maintenance of the microflora of the colon. Adding fiber increases the volume of the daily diet, getting a feeling of fullness, causing the body does not want to ingest more food helping to control body weight. In the same way fiber helps in the digestion process and helps in the prevention of constipation, in some cases it is also used for treatments of diverticulosis, diabetes and heart disease.

    Facts of Depur slim from Drasanvi

    • Natural weight loss.
    • Purification of the organism.
    • Contribution of group B vitamins.
    • Works as a diuretic.
    • Promotes the elimination of toxins.
    • Decreases fluid retention.
    • Supports weight reduction diets.
    • Helps the digestive system.
    • Contributes to fat burning in an effective way.
    • Assists in the control of cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • Appetite suppressant
    • Diuretic.

    Thanks to its natural properties, which base the good functioning of the organs of the human body, as well as the elimination of substances harmful to the body; with which a healthy body can be obtained, thus obtaining a better lifestyle in the day to day. While it is true that the artichoke qualities have been demonstrated by the scientific community through extensive and meticulous tests, it is also true that there are no mysteries in reference to their characteristics and the way in which it works.

    Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one serving daily, preferably in the morning before breakfast, dissolve in a glass of water or juice, shake well before consuming.

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