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Collmar Beauty Facial Cream - 60 ml

Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi provides your skin with vitality and youthful look. Recover the softness and natural hydration of your skin by using this excellent product that really cares for your skin, helping it to be kept shining and healthy.

    Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi is the ideal treatment for day or night. It contributes to repairing the cells and its effect to fighting wrinkles.

    With an innovative formula of hydrolyzed marine collagen, the brand-new Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi is a cream formulated for daily use on your face.

    It is highly effective against signs of premature aging. It fights wrinkles and the lack of firmness in your skin, revives your expression lines and rehydrates your skin. Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients, it promotes cellular rejuvenation and regeneration more quickly, improves the appearance of your skin making it look firmer and younger, and at the same time its antioxidants allow the skin to keep the shine that all beautiful skin should have.

    Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi not only has a content of collagen, but also borage, evening primrose and pomegranate oil, thus making this wonderful cream capable of giving life to those old skin cells that were losing their appearance over time. This innovative cream will be of great help to reaffirm your expression lines and fight directly the annoying wrinkles, helping to rehydrate the skin thanks to its collagen content.

    Collagen accounts for 80% of the composition of the skin. For this reason, a fall in the collagen synthesis directly affects your look and vitality. So it is recommended to use this Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi that provides you with a powerful anti-wrinkle effect.

    Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi offers a complete treatment for your skin, especially for those people over 30 years, since at this age our skin begins to change, such as the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness. With its pomegranate extract, which is one of the most effective ingredients when it comes to fighting aging, and achieving much more textured skin, together with hydrolyzed marine collagen, they act as rehydrating and firming, greatly improving the appearance of your skin.

    The omega and borage oils contained in the formulation of this product contain 95% of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary to nourish your skin.

    Facts of Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi:

    • Firms your skin.
    • Improves your skin tone.
    • Nourishes your skin by removing dead cells.
    • Provides an anti-wrinkle effect.
    • Ideal for all skins.
    • Can be used both day and night.
    • Very effective.
    • High satisfaction in short, medium and long-term outcomes.
    • Fill your expression lines.
    • Contains hydrolyzed marine collagen, in order to avoid the collagen decrease in the skin.
    • Contains vitamin C, which is necessary for the activation of collagen synthesis in the body.
    • Provides hyaluronic acid, which helps absorb water in the folds of the skin.
    • Provides biotin, which prevents deficit of this vitamin and prevents damage to the skin.
    • Contains evening primrose oil and borage oil, essential acids that the body cannot synthesize and must be supplied in a daily diet with this food supplement.
    • Provides properties of pomegranate, with high antioxidant qualities that fight the effect of free radicals.

    Collmar Beauty Facial Cream from Drasanvi is the ideal cream that will keep your skin looking new. If your skin is very sensitive and you notice the loss of firmness in it, this product that contains 100% natural ingredients and vitamins can help you give it a new life, thanks to the fact that its formulation is specially made from the rejuvenated and improved skin depleted with over the years, acting on the skin as a powerful anti-wrinkle product with firming properties against dead cells. So be sure to try this ideal product for all skins and start enjoying its benefits.

    Recommended direction: as a skin care product, apply on the face and part of the neck gently until completely absorbed.

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