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Collmar Beauty - 275g

Collmar Beauty is the nutritional supplement that gives you all the benefits of marine collagen in every gram. It revitalizes, eliminates free radicals that can damage your health and combat the appearance of aging lines.

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    Collmar Beauty from Drasanvi, a product of organic origin, ideal to regenerate and vitalize the bone tissue in our body.

    Collmar Beauty is a nutritional supplement with ample medicinal qualities thanks to its powerful regenerative power, developed under the highest production standards by Drasanvi laboratories. This fantastic product is made from natural components that provide great therapeutic benefits due to its high content of biotin or marine collagen, antioxidants and amino acids, specialized in generating the adequate levels of collagen in the body that allow us to take care of our skin of possible degenerative affections, combat premature aging and keep it in perfect condition.

    The great source of collagen offered by Collmar Beauty from Drasanvi, make it a totally attractive product for anyone when it comes to taking care of your skin and certain functions of your body. Thanks to its versatility, it is used in everyday life and in the daily routines of different classes of individuals. This excellent product is used by sportsmen and athletes undergoing intense physical training because it facilitates the relief of muscular and joint ailments caused by the sports activities performed. It is also used to fight the degenerative diseases of joints, bones and muscles such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Through its proven effectiveness, this food supplement is used to regenerate tissue damaged by burns, accidents or any circumstance, improves the elasticity of the skin, prevents the appearance of acne or similar conditions in the face and delays the appearance of expression associated lines with aging.

    Facts of Collmar Beauty from Drasanvi

    • The components that integrate this product do not generate side effects or collateral damages to the organism thanks to that its ingredients are of proven natural origin.
    • Allows to improve, to strengthen and to maintain in optimum state the bony structure of your body.
    • Ideal for sportsmen and athletes, helps acquire muscle mass and relieve muscle and joint pain after training.
    • Has extensive regenerative qualities that counteract conditions in ligaments, tendons, joints and bones.
    • Fights the appearance of aging lines.
    • Ideal to rehydrate the skin.
    • Helps strengthen the scalp and decrease hair loss.
    • Consumption does not generate contraindications if you use the recommended dose.

    In addition to the numerous and proven regenerative, therapeutic, dermatological and cosmetological qualities of this excellent product from Drasanvi Laboratories, the components that integrate Collmar Beauty allow to decrease, control and optimize the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, allowing to contribute to improve the performance of the functions of our body and ensure a healthy life.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take 10 g (2 measuring cups) mixed with water or juice.

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