Cat's claw from Drasanvi is a valuable supplement for health. It is elaborated with extracts of Cat's Claw. That way, it gives the body several benefits. It manages to improve notably the digestive system. In addition, it is perfect for optimizing the immune system. This plant is very common in natural medicine.

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      What do you take it for? Alcalinizante y refuerzo inmunologico
      How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
      Size per dose One service
      How many times? Once a day
      When should it be taken? With breakfast
      Usos Weight loss

      Cat's claw from Drasanvi, ideal for protecting the digestive system.

      Cat's claw from Drasanvi stands out as a fabulous supplement for daily food. It is made from extracts of the plant known as the Cat's claw (Uncaria Tomentosa). This plant organism is native to Central and South America. It is very common to find it in the jungle of the Amazon. For centuries, it has been used to improve health and give greater vitality to the body. Basically, it gives two types of benefits to the body. First, it is used to improve the intestinal system. Above all, it is very useful to clean the entire digestive tract and avoid both infections and colic. And second, it happens that it brings alkaloids that manage to strengthen the immune system and also allow to enhance the cognitive capacity. These advantages are offered by this plant and are contained in this product as well, which is offered in a convenient container for your consumption. As an additional information, this formulation has standardized extracts and is free of allergens. It is an excellent product for those who want to have a full health thanks to the intake of nutrients favorable for the body.

      One of the most popular plants in folk medicine is Cat's Claw. Originally from the New World, it has gained adherents in all regions of the planet. It is a climbing and wild plant that reaches a large size. Another of its main features is that it has claw-like spines, hence its name. Of this plant, it is basically used its root and its crust as medical infusion. For quite some time, it has been known to be very useful for protecting the stomach system. It is also excellent for purifying the entire intestinal tract, as it has excellent qualities to eliminate toxic substances and harmful accumulations in this area of ​​the human anatomy. However, perhaps what is most valued is that in its composition contains alkaloids that strongly stimulate the immune system. Due to all these benefits, a supplement has been created as Cat's claw from Drasanvi, which gives the body a dose with all the benefits of this wonderful plant.

      Facts of Cat's claw from Drasanvi

      • Extract of Cat's Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa).
      • Protects the digestive system.
      • Contains adequate amount of alkaloids.
      • Powers the immune system.
      • Prevents illnesses.
      • Standardized extracts.
      • Allergen free.

      All the advantages of the popular Cat's Claw are condensed in this comfortable and economic supplement, which also has an affordable cost and has the right dose for each day.

      Recommended Use: the ideal is to intake one (1) single capsule daily, during breakfast time.

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