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Argan Face Cream BIO - 50 ml

Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi will offer a new youthful air to your skin, thanks to its composition of argan, lavandin and lemon oils and minerals, in addition to exclusive oils for skin care, which will enhance your beauty and restore damage caused by sun exposure, thus giving it a radiant and rejuvenating tone that will capture all eyes.

    Give your skin a rejuvenating and hydrating treatment by using this innovative Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi.

    Providing energy and luminosity to your skin thanks to the new Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi, this excellent product is a highly effective cleansing cream since it provides the combination of 100% natural oils extracted from Argan, Lemon and Lavandin.

    Together with its evolving floral aroma and new chemiotyped oils these three oils give your skin all shine and moisture lost by the sunlight and the day-to-day routines.

    Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi is made from highest quality biological ingredients. Thanks to its careful formula, Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi has an excellent use for treating and hydrating damaged and aged skin, giving it that luminosity we all want on our skin, through many contributions, such as cell regeneration.

    Like all the Drasanvi brand products, Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi meets the strictest European standards for quality and safety when it comes to cosmetic creams. One of the keys to success of this excellent product is the special commitment to research, development and innovation implemented for its manufacture, always thinking of welfare and benefit of consumers.

    Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi guarantees that its daily use helps you see the positive change in your skin in a short term, since it provides very good absorption and does not leave oily skin.

    Main characteristics of Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi:

    • Ideal for aged and damaged skin by sunlight.
    • Provides 100% natural and carefully-selected ingredients.
    • Certified by strictest European cosmetic standards.
    • Not based on chemicals or tested on animals.
    • Fancy design that goes unnoticed on any occasion.
    • Aroma of exuberant tone regarding flowers and oils of the field.
    • Thanks to its components in an excellent cellular regenerator for dry skin.
    • Excellent anti-aging cream to restore your battered skin.
    • Contains aloe vera extracts, cellulose gum, beta-sitosterol, sodium benzonate, tocopherol, squalene, citral, geraniol and glycerin.
    • Provides almond oil, rosa canina oil, soybean oil and olive oil that take care and hydrate your skin.
    • Has sodium hydroxide, citric acid, salicylic acid, rice starch, sorbic acid, squalene, sodium PCA, potassium palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein.
    • Contains limonene and linalool (as components of essential oil that does not harm your skin).

    As it is a 100% ecological cream, its properties make it an excellent option to hydrate dry or damaged skin, specially used as a daily application cream. Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi provides many unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, which provides an anti-aging agent to your skin, and a great ally against changes of solar rays that we daily challenge.

    In addition to argan, Argan Face Cream BIO from Drasanvi includes the benefits of other oils such as lemon and lavandin and vitamin E. It achieves rejuvenated skin with a lush aroma of field flowers. Use this wonderful cream that Drasanvi brand has brought to you!

    Recommended use: as a skin care product, apply this excellent cream to the skin of your face, neck and / or neckline by applying gentle circular massages until it is absorbed on the skin. You can also apply it in the day and night, and continue to doing it daily in conjunction with other products in the same line.

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