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Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl is a garment, ideal to use all day, as it eradicates the swelling, varicose veins and helps the blood reactivation.

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Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl is the ideal way to take care of yourself, to feel comfortable and to look good, all at the same time.

Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl is the perfect care for those who suffer problems of swelling or varicose veins and look for effective and comfortable tights. These are tights that exert a slight gradient compression. They help prevent the sensation of tiredness in the legs helping to stimulate the blood circulation and allow to have nice legs. If you wear them from morning to night you will get a feeling of comfort in the legs throughout the day.

Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl can be woren to go to the most sophisticated events, park, training, or for everyday use, and the best thing is that thanks to its Ladder Lock technology its fabric prevents a ladder from becoming endless. In addition, they can be worn in spring, summer or autumn as they are not very thick. One of the main features is comfort. Also its flesh color allows to combine them with anything and even go unnoticed. It is very hard-wearing and high quality. They solve two problems: it will improve the esthetics of the person and will combat the problems of tired legs. You will notice how the swelling in the legs goes down shortly after wearing them and will reduce the formation of blood clots. They are also available in various sizes to better fit each person.

Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl will help you reactivate the circulation and prevent your legs from ache in those intense days of work. Without a doubt, a great solution to the problem of tired legs, since this problem affects 80% of adults. The compression tights gently squeeze the legs so that the blood can move up. With this what is achieved is to prevent the annoying swelling in the legs suffered by most people. That is why the use of compression tights for varicose veins is so useful and effective.

Facts of Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl

  • Avoids getting your legs hurt.
  • Avoids tiredness.
  • Reactivates blood circulation.
  • Comfortable support for the whole day.
  • Helps shape the legs.
  • Exerts a slightly graduated compression.
  • Density 20.
  • Ideal for everyday use.

Tights Scholl Ligh Legs From Dr. Scholl are tights for the well-being of women. It's the perfect way to look after yourself and look good at the same time. From the very first use, you will want to use it all day, they are incredible.

Recommended use: as a dressing accessory, wear picking up the whole tights with the thumbs, approaching it to the toe, inserting the tip of the foot and from there begin to pull them up, first by one leg and then by the other. Once the knee area is over, adjust the tights to the height of the thighs and finish pulling them up to the abdomen.

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