Stop warts - Dr. Scholl

Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl is a product for external use only, created to eliminate and to eliminate annoying and bashful warts, using a system of freezing which you will be able to apply from home.

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Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl is a fast and effective treatment, in order to come apart of such annoying warts.

Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl It is a treatment that eliminates the warts in a safe, fast and efficacious way. This treatment is inspired on the method of freezing with liquid nitrogen used by care providers, that basically it works freezing a wart and forming a blister after the application.

Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl is a product that can be used from house and that destroys the warts shortly afterwards. The warts are caused by a virus, the most habitual is the Papoa virus, that is very common in humid grounds, such as swimming pools and showers, that why it is very common that warts appear mainly in zones that are in contact with these. Warts can affect any type of person and appear in different body parts, plantar warts can be a nightmare for sportsmen which are mistaken for corns and callosities, that just like these, make skin hard and thick. However, the difference is that they cause pain when they pack together, which is why to walk long distances, to run or to jump can prove to be annoying.

Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl is inspired in the method that healthcare professionals use. It is efficacious and safe. It makes the wart disappear spontaneously in a few days, time behind which the new skin in its place is regenerated and that the layer of skin turns to its initial state (although several applications can be necessary). This anti-wart treatment for feet and hands helps to combat the ordinary warts and them plantar ones by means of a treatment of freezing similar to the one used by doctors.

Facts of Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl

  • Effective.
  • Safe.
  • Eliminates warts.
  • Eliminates the common and plantar warts.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Suitable from the age of 4.
  • Inspired in the method of fast freezing used by healthcare professionals.
  • Easy and efficacious treatment.
  • Can be used from house.
  • As anti-wart treatment.
  • Does not cause pain.

Stop Warts from Dr. Scholl is a cutting-edge system that destroys warts by means of a system of cryotherapy, in an application, freezes a wart from its root preventing that it keeps on growing up and in some days it comes off getting from the skin. So you now can eliminate the warts from home and show off a perfect skin.

Recommended use: as a product for topical use, the skin must be wash up and dry, applying a moisturizer around the wart, applying the treatment on the wart during approximately 10 seconds, take it off and cover.

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