Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond - Dr. Scholl

Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl is a cosmetic product that gives you the best exfoliation without leaving home, giving you a more beautiful feet just by using it.

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Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl is a replacement pack containing files for persistent hardness, designed to eliminate hardness and have perfect feet.

Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl offers the most effective exfoliation, obtaining excellent results and perfect feet without leaving home. It has different spare parts for files, indicated to adapt to all type of needs. All with high durability diamond microcrystals that significantly improve the finish, leaving a smooth skin and perfect feet effortless.

Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl acts on the feet and heels favoring its softness and the elimination of the most persistent hardness, so that the skin of the feet remains soft and flexible. These new spare parts carry granulations of different sizes to effectively and smoothly remove hardness of different thickness. Replacement files include replacement heads for persistent hardness that help to quickly remove hardness even on the hardest skin.

Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl help exfoliate the skin and give your feet the look they need thanks to its composition in microalumina particles. Recommended for athletes or sportsmen, since their feet are their base, support and main tool of work, that is why their care should be important to prevent injuries and discomfort that later could prevent the correct movement. A frequent problem, especially in a runner, is the uncomfortable hardness and therefore it is convenient to correct this problem. For this reason we recommend this incredible product. We ensure smooth and easy removal of hardness without damaging layers of intact skin for perfect feet.

Facts of Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl

  • Easy to use.
  • Beautiful feet instantly after only one use.
  • Effortless.
  • You will get soft feet.
  • They even work on the hardest skin.
  • With diamond crystals.
  • It does not damage the layers of intact skin.
  • It is safe.

Replacement Files Velvet Smooth Diamond from Dr. Scholl work even on the most difficult skin. These replacement files give a smooth and perfect finish. Without the need to go to a beauty salon, you can do it from the comfort of your home. Show off perfect and soft feet thanks to these files for persistent hardness!

Recommended use: as an aesthetic product use as follows: turn off the file, press up the button on the external side of the file, remove the head from the previous file, position the new head by pressing down and make sure the new head is well fitted.

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