Hardness File from Dr. Scholl is a cosmetic product that is designed for the good care of your feet, instantly removed the hardness with its modern circular shaped blades and with a comfortable design to facilitate the process.

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Hardness File from Dr. Scholl is an effective product to eliminate hardness and keep your feet perfect.

Hardness File from Dr. Scholl contains circular blades which are especially oriented at the top of the file and have an end which requires a minimum pressure to remove excess hardened skin. Comfortable and ergonomic design for easy use and optimum reach of the most difficult areas. Hardened skin tends to appear yellowish and oval in shape, usually in the plantar area and can cause discomfort when walking. You can treat your feet with hardness at home and get perfectly smooth and hydrated feet.

Hardness File from Dr. Scholl is a safe treatment. And it removes hardness in a very fast way. Other treatments may be a bit more difficult to bear, but you'll be surprised how easy it can be to eliminate those hardnesses with this file. It is indicated for the care of the feet eliminating the hardness of quick and simple form, returning the smoothness to the skin. Gently sliding the file over hardened skin will see how the dead skin disappears.

Hardness File from Dr. Scholl is a revolutionary way to eliminate hard, strong and thick skin. It is ergonomically designed by experts for easy and convenient use. Its blades are designed to offer an effective and safe removal of hardness. The skin of the feet is unique, as it is designed to withstand the pressure of walking, daily exercise or training (as in the case of athletes and sportsmen), and standing day by day. Sometimes prolonged pressure and friction, such as poorly fitting shoes or standing for a long time, can cause hardened skin. Scholl experts know that the best way to treat hardness is to soften and eliminate them.

Facts of Hardness File from Dr. Scholl

  • Instantly removes hardened skin.
  • Optimal reach of the most difficult areas.
  • Comfortable design.
  • Ergonomic design for easy and optimal use.
  • Suitable for regular use.
  • Soft and smooth skin instantly.
  • Instantly improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Skin resistant for longer to the formation of hardness.
  • Skin more receptive to the use of moisturizing creams.

Hardness File from Dr. Scholl is a revolutionary device that acts on the hardened skin by smoothing it and effectively removing the hardness and dead cells, leave the skin of your feet soft, silky and above all with a good look. It's time to show off perfect feet!

Recommended use: as a cosmetic product must be used by rubbing the file on the areas to be treated of the foot.

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