Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen - Dr. Scholl

Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl are high-quality insoles for the feet. They are placed in the footwear and are designed to absorb impacts, helping to reduce the pressure caused when running or playing sports. It is for arch support and cushioning. Designed for sports shoes.

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Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl, to enjoy your sports activities without suffering from the tiredness and pain of your feet.

Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl are designed to simply deal with arch exhaustion, when sports activity becomes a intense enough, or when the walk is prolonged. It is a support for women who want to improve their blood circulation in their feet and relieve them in the face of everyday life. Sometimes sports shoes annoy the feet, which makes them an irritating element, and that is the moment in which the use of comfortable insoles relaxes the area of the sole.

Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl created with a breathable fabric, efficiently absorb impacts against the ground and firm surfaces that during the day can become a headache for women. They have a strong support and superior cushioning, for more support against the exhaustion of the arch. Cushioning is an important factor in retaining shocks, strokes and impacts during a day of walking or jogging, softening everything under your feet. With its breathable fabric it helps keep your feet dry in sport shoes.

Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl are developed with innovative Dr. Scholl technology, GelActiv™, to provide high quality insoles, which absorb even the slightest impact more smoothly than not wearing insoles and helps reduce excessive pressure caused when running or playing sports, all by the integrated gel. This gel serves as the shock absorber and is part of the GelActiv™ technology.

Facts of Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl

  • Insoles designed for women with a lot of sport or for work and daily life
  • GelActiv™ technology is for shock absorption and superior cushioning
  • Relieves soles of the feet and prevents the exhaustion of these with its incorporated gel
  • Reduces impact against hard surfaces
  • Keeps your feet dry with breathable fabric
  • Good fit for sports shoes
  • Made of high quality materials
  • High durability
  • Product of excellent quality

Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl are fully designed to increase your athletic performance and total relaxation of your body. The feet are an important part when it comes to sports, they are the most precious instruments, and keeping them in a healthy state and without wear is a great advantage, besides taking care of our circulation. The feeling of wearing Insoles GelActiv Sportswomen from Dr. Scholl is pleasant and comfortable.

Recommended use: as a podiatric accessory for sports, place with the gel part down. Cut the insoles to fit the shape of the shoes. It is advisable to replace the insoles when they show signs of wear.

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