Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl are high-quality insoles for the feet. They are placed in the footwear and are designed to absorb impacts, helping to reduce the pressure caused when running or playing sports. It is for arch support and cushioning. Designed for sports shoes.

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Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl is the ideal way to reduce the pressure caused when playing sports.

Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl provides impact absorption and superior cushioning, with an ergonomically designed insole-integrated gel. It is effective by absorbing small impacts and helps reduce excessive pressure on the feet caused by activities such as walking, running or sports. They can be placed in sports footwear or footwear for everyday use. If necessary, trim the insole to fit the shape of the shoe. Cut along the outline that matches your foot number or use the original insole as a guide. For best results, remove the existing insoles and replace them with these insoles with the gel part down. Replace the insoles when they show signs of wear.

Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl are gel insoles that absorb the impact on one side and on the other reduce the pressure exerted by the foot. This type of insoles is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their foot care, for those who are overweight, people who are standing for hours and for athletes. This will not only reduce the pain, but also reduce the risk of hardness in the feet.

Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl will help you to exercise for longer as they absorb the impacts and help reduce pressure on your joints. They also help correct bad positions of the feet and improve the way you walk or run. They are an effective solution to prevent injuries when you play sports, because even when running the lower limbs are exposed to extreme tension, compression and rotation of forces that exploit even the smallest body weakness, generating different kinds of injuries in the lower extremities of body. All these weaknesses can be magnified in races and training. That is why, we must have the insoles and thus avoid different types of injuries.

Facts of Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl

  • GelActiv technology.
  • Absorbs impacts throughout the day, especially on firm surfaces.
  • Cushioning and comfort throughout the day.
  • Upper damping.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • They are comfortable.
  • They fit the footwear.
  • Can be trimmed.
  • Reduces joint pressure.
  • Ideal for people with excess weight.

Insoles GelActiv Sportsmen from Dr. Scholl will allow you to walk or run with an excellent comfort, without worrying about the pains of the usual shoes or sneakers, achieving an improvement in the standard of living. Avoid injuries, discomforts and bad positions!

Recommended use: as an accessory for wearing, use adapting to footwear.

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