Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl is an innovative solution for the tiredness of your feet. A type of plastic gel that has demonstrated its damping power even in the smallest shocks. That is why, it is an ideal material to use in insoles that will fit perfectly to each vital feature and size of shoe.

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Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl, matchless insoles, surpassing the competition, designed for you.

Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl provides cushioning and shock absorption under the heel in flat shoes, to maintain a feeling of lightness in the feet throughout the day this does not pinch the toes. It is also held firmly in place. It is designed with the assistance of experts in foot care.

Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl includes two types of gel that have been scientifically proven to be able to cushion even the smallest shocks. The first gel is firmer, helping to strengthen the arch and heels, while the second gel is soft, providing a high quality cushioning and an additional cushioning effect. GelActiv technology provides cushioning by absorbing shock under the heel in flat shoes, so it gives you a feeling of lightness.

Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl help reduce the excessive pressure that our feet suffer daily, for that reason they have been designed especially for the type of need that you have, and that also they are ideal for the sneakers, since they are dampen the impacts of the lower joints of your legs, such as knees and ankles, specific shoes (flat shoes), help soften the impact when your feet touch the ground, and offer comfort throughout the day. It is also useful for people who spend hours standing, being able to give the time that you need while you get total comfort.

Facts of Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl

  • Insoles with GelActiv technology for flat shoes
  • All day comfort
  • Suitable for flat shoes and boots
  • Offers more cushioning and shock absorption under heels
  • Stays firmly in place and keep your toes from clumping
  • High durability and strength
  • Made of the best materials
  • Product of excellent quality

Dr. Scholl is now without a doubt, an expert house in the care of the feet. In addition to being the brand most trusted by customers, that's why our product is highly reliable, tested by experts, that will help you reduce the pressure to which you make your feet daily. If you were looking for an insole with all the benefits it offers, Insoles GelActiv Flat Shoes from Dr. Scholl are right for you.

Recommended use: as a traumatic use, put each insole in the corresponding shoe with the adhesive side down. Put the insole so that the raised area of the insole establishes direct contact with the arch.

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