Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh - 150ml

Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl is a product for the personal hygiene that is applied to the feet, to control the perspiration and, consequently, the bad odors. It instantly eliminates odors and provides 24-hour protection to the feet.

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Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl, the instant solution to the problem of bad odors of your feet, giving you 24 hours of care and freshness.

Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl for our daily life, which is subject to movement and activity, and that in a long time can create problems in the health of our feet, especially if we do not pay attention as we should. Being all day with shoes can create a problem related to high perspiration in that area. Bacteria are responsible for the bad smell, not only in our armpits, but also it has been proven that they affect the feet. This is why deodorants and products focused on the treatment of the feet, which help to keep sweat and prevent moisture.

Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl is specially developed with the Dual-Active formula that eliminates the odor quickly and instantaneously, avoiding the bacterial advance created by the humidity, and is at the same time produced by the sweating of our day. Its formula comes with elements that cause freshness in the separation of the toes and with the footwear woren throughout the day. Not only does it provide lasting protection, it also has its touch that favors the comfort and health of the feet.

Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl provides shoes with 24 hours of freshness and odor protection. The odor suppression is given by the effective drying effect of the deodorant and its durable freshness make it a product of quality and relevance. It is the best support for the treatment of the smell of your footwear and feet, and with a regular use eliminates this problem completely, although it is always advisable to be attentive to the care of your personal hygiene.

Facts of Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl

  • Deodorant for feet
  • Instantly removes perspiration problems
  • Eliminates bad smell of feet
  • Very effective product
  • Durable action, 24 hours protection against bad odors
  • Rich freshness throughout the day
  • In spray format
  • Made of the best ingredients and components
  • Product of excellent quality

Foot Deodorant Extra Fresh from Dr. Scholl is created so that the bad odor will not be one of your daily problems. It is a deodorant with a quick action, when you put the spray in the area of your feet, you will feel the freshness and the suppression of the smell. You will notice at the end of the day, that your feet will be the same as you left them before putting your shoes on. Dr. Scholl products are of the highest quality and scientifically proven for the care of our feet.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, apply the spray abundantly on dry and clean skin, at a certain distance. Shake well before use. Insist on the sole of the foot and between the toes, where more sweat is concentrated.

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