Fresh step from Dr. Scholl was totally designed to eliminate the stench that is produced by the bacteria grown in the feet. Its powerful formula gives a refreshing odor and sensation, obtaining an effective result when applying it. This product will give you protection for much longer.

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Fresh step from Dr. Scholl offers you freshness and protection for a long time.

Fresh step from Dr. Scholl comes in an exquisite and fresh format that will help you from the first moment to eliminate the unpleasant smell that come from the feet. Do you want your feet to be 24 hours in good condition?, because herein the solution is described, this deodorant in each application will make you feel free of sweat and with a sweet smell.

Fresh step from Dr. Scholl was created with a successful formula that in addition to giving good smell, zero sweating, eliminates the bacteria that are usually found in the soles and fingers. The result is immediate and its effect lasts 24/7, so feel confident to look healthy from the head to the tip of the feet. This product is suitable for both children and adults. This product is dermatologically proven by experts in the field of health and is so much its effectiveness, that athletes of high performance fully rely on the optimal results. Best of all, when you take off your footwear you will perceive a delicate fragrance and your feet will look like those of models.

Fresh step from Dr. Scholl is essential to relieve the sweating and odor caused by those microorganisms that look for ways to excel. If you exercise or spend a lot of time wearing closed shoes this product was created for you, since its Tri-Active formula will destroy the membranes of bacterial cells.

Facts of Fresh step from Dr. Scholl

  • Protects feet 24 hours.
  • Eliminates bacteria on the toes and soles.
  • Make you smell good.
  • Prevents sweating.
  • Does not stain or leave waste.

Fresh step from Dr. Scholl. Dare to show off feet with sweet smell and nice look. The stench of the feet get many people complexed in the world and they often walk through life without encouragement and hiding their feet to avoid being criticized. In that case, we invite you to try this magnificent deodorant that from the first moment you will see the results, you will say goodbye to the stench, sweating and you will show off aesthetic feet. It gives you freshness 24/7, so dare to change for the better and be part of the millions of people who add to their routine a spray for health and well-being. It is important to take into account this product to the hygiene of your feet in order to obtain better results. Use this high-tech antiperspirant of the feet, with it you will get a dry and clean feet.

Recommended Use: as a product for external use only, shake before use. With a distance between 10-15 cm, you can spray this product on dry and clean feet.

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