Powdered Fresh Step - 75g

Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl is a powdered deodorant that serves to protect your feet from bad odor and sweating. This powder has a super absorbent effect to leave the area of the footwear moisturized and fresh, removing bad odors during 24 hours effectively.

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Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl, the deodorant that takes care of the sweating of your feet and the bad smell.

Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl is an absorbent powder that attacks the high perspiration of your feet, which, sometimes, through bacterial agents, becomes a bad smell and we can appreciate it in our shoes. This absorbent powder reduces the sweat that the feet store in closed spaces, when subjected to conventional footwear, boots, etc. It is scientifically proven that the appearance of bacteria present in moisture brings with it the bad smell that bothers and affects the health of your feet. It closes the pores and avoids the annoyance of bad smells that can affect the daily life.

Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl is presented with the Tri-Active formula to protect your feet from bad smell and sweating. This formula keeps the skin of your feet dry but at the same time fresh, to absorb all the moisture of a whole day, managing to keep them without any unwanted odor for 24 hours. Its regular use helps to prevent the reappearance of bad odor and keeps the freshness in feet and footwear.

Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl the 2-in-1 deodorant, with dual function, as it acts on your feet as in your shoes, and because of this, you can remove the bad smell that are present in shoes that had long been stored or were wet. This 2-in-1 versatility makes it an extremely essential element for the treatment of foot and footwear odor and other conventional and traditional treatments can not achieve because they only mask the odor, while Fresh Step actually cleans the feet of bacterial elements, removing the problem from the root.

Facts of Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl

  • Keeps skin moisture-free for 24 hours
  • 2-in-1 anti-perspirant powder for feet and footwear
  • Fights bad odor and excessive perspiration inside your footwear
  • Tri-Active Formula to protect your skin from bacterial agents
  • Can be applied to footwear to avoid bad odor from external sources
  • Maximum duration
  • Eliminates completely by the root the bad smell with a regular use
  • Great effectiveness

Powdered Fresh Step from Dr. Scholl is perfect for people who want to eliminate the bad odor on their skin, with a product effective to face these annoying symptoms produced by bacteria, which proliferate with moisture, and sweat also helps them. The care of our feet is important and Dr. Scholl products are indicated to effectively treat the problem of foot sweating and bad odors.

Recommended Use: as a product for external use only, apply the powder on the feet and between the toes. Also apply on footwear.

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