Toes Protector - Dr. Scholl

Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl protects your toes from excessive rubbing with footwear and thus preventing the appearance of corns, helps them stay very comfortable throughout the day, relieving them of discomfort and pressure. It is a fantastic gel tube that relieves pain in a fine and delicate way.

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Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl protects the toes, relieves them of discomfort such as pain and pressure.

Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl, as a sports accessory is very functional, it is an excellent tube coated with gel that helps you relieve the pain and discomfort in toes caused by rubbing with the footwear preventing your toes from forming corns undesirable because of the pressure of the footwear when you walk, relieves pain in a gentle and delicate way thanks to its emollient formula.

Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl prevents friction and reduces the pressure that your feet withstand, maintaining the stability of toes and nails as much as possible, is the excellent remedy for your feet, was designed especially thinking of people just like you who are sportsmen leading a life full of physical activities and long training days to which your feet are subjected during the day, performing activities such as walking, running, dancing, jumping, generating the rubbing of your toes with the footwear, causing discomfort and unpleasant corns.

Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl is an excellent sports accessory, very useful and made especially for sportsmen, athletes, people who carry out a lot of physical activity and sports in which the feet withstand many movements which cause an excessive friction with the footwear causing undesirable discomfort and corns, thanks to its emollient formula, Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl relieves the pain in a gentle and delicate way.

Facts of Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl

  • Made of very resistant, soft and fine gel.
  • Helps you keep your toes safe.
  • Relieves pain in your toes caused by the rubbing and pressure of the footwear.
  • Prevent your fingers from forming corns and undesirable discomfort.
  • Durable effect, keeping your toes comfortable throughout the day.

Toes Protector from Dr. Scholl as a sports accessory are made using a very soft technology, wrapping your toes protecting them from rubbing with the footwear and the contact between the other fingers, the tube of gel fulfills the function of wrapping your fingers protecting them, giving a soft protection and comfort throughout the day, they are ideal for you as a sportsman wants to keep his feet comfortable and soft, free of the pressure, to carry out any type of activity. It provides protection to your toes, sensitive toes, nails and corns. The use of this product relieves your toes from discomfort such as pain and pressure.

Recommended use: as a sports accessory, it is recommended for anyone. It should be placed in the area of burning of toes, if it is necessary, cut it as a cover for the entire toe.

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