Athlete's Foot Kit - Dr. Scholl

Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl is a product for external use only; The preventive Spray for footwear, act preventing that we infect again, cleaning the shoes contaminated which is the main cause of reinfection and dissemination.

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Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl is ideal to treat Athlete's Foot and to reduce the risk of infection.

Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl treats athlete's foot, help to regenerate and to protect the skin to reduce the risk of the reappearance of infection. This infection seldom becomes serious, but it's a fact that it finds its way to be annoying and only needs humidity, nutrients and some heat to reappear, for it, in our footwear finds itself wonderful (it takes advantage of the humid environment of sweat, the dirtiness, dead cells and our own body heat). That's why, at the same time athlete's foot is treated, a hygienization of our footwear should be carried out. We have also to bear in mind that it is name after the fact that athletes are the most prone to this fungus.

Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl contains a pencil with precise applicator in order to wrap the whole zone of fungus up and forms a fine film on the infected skin that gets soaked up rapidly. Also it contains a preventive spray that is applied over footwear to avoid that the fungus for reproducing again. Athlete's Foot not only to affect athletes, but it is produced in favorable conditions. This is, with humidity (hot and perspiring feet), when these organisms get in the layers of skin and they cause a prone environment to its multiplication and when there is a lack of hygiene in the foot, since the fungus lives on the dead skin. For this reason, it is necessary to wash the feet regularly, to change shoes and socks frequently. With this product, the results are clear within a week.

Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl It is indicated for people suffering from this infection, specially sportsmen, that often are affected by this type of alteration. This product is made up of a pencil and a preventive spray. The pencil acts thanks to its composition developed with oile activate and spirucal-active which act creating a hostile environment for the growth of the fungus, avoiding both its growth and multiplication. Besides, it is designed with a precise applicator to be used directly on the zone to treat, without having to use hands neither spreading uncomfortable creams.

Facts of Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl

  • Results clear within a week.
  • Helps to prevent the reappearance.
  • Helps to stop the irritation.
  • Avoids the reinfection through the footwear.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Comfortable.
  • Clinically tested.

Athlete's Foot Kit from Dr. Scholl is a treatment with which you will obtain clear results within a week. It prevents you from the irritation that produces this fungus and it will eliminate it completely in a very simple way.

Recommended use: as a product for external use only, using the Pencil of treatment should be used once a day, on clean and totally dry skin. Take the top off the pencil and apply it with the tip on the zone to treat, using circular movements, outside in. Let dry and wear the socks. Once a day, preferably at night, sprinkling the spray in the shoe.

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