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Anti-fungus treatment - 3.8 ml

Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl is a product of topical use that is elaborated to eliminate definitively fungi in nails, is very easy to use and it is guaranteed dermatologically.

    Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl is effective to prevent the extension and reappearance of the fungus, so you can enjoy healthy and strong nails.

    Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl is indicated to eliminate the fungus of the nails and to prevent the reappearance of the infection. This treatment generates an environment unfavorable to the growth and development of fungi altering the PH balance of nails. The appearance of fungi can be due to several causes, basically produced by an excess of moisture that results in an infection translated into yellowish, odorous, brittle, thick nails. Especially affecting the toenails, that is why this treatment offers a solution to recover the color, smell and vitality of your nails. Also recommended for athletes and sportsmen who wish to maintain the health of their nails or eliminate fungi caused by excess moisture caused by long hours of workouts.

    Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl has been scientifically tested for the elimination of nail fungus. It is a sanitary product of domestic use that does not need medical prescription. Its specific formulation facilitates the penetration of the ingredients in nails in order to achieve and eliminate fungi. It also helps prevent the spread of the infection and its recurrence. Dermatologically tested.

    Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl is a nail treatment that removes 99.9% of nail fungus and prevents recurrence of the infection. The formula penetrates the deep part of the nail and eliminates the infection from the origin. Fungi on the skin are quite common in both adults and children, especially teenagers, athletes and sportsmen. It is not a serious or dangerous infection, but it is bothersome and can be recurrent if it is not treated properly. Fungi can develop on any part of the skin, however, one of the parts of the body that suffers most from the infection of fungi are on the toenails. If what you are looking for is an immediate and permanent solution, then this product is recommended.

    Facts of Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl

    • Comfortable and simple, all in one product.
    • Effectively treat mild nail infections.
    • Removes 99.9% of nail fungus.
    • Helps prevent the spread of infection and its recurrence.
    • Easy to apply.
    • Dermatologically tested.

    Anti-fungus treatment from Dr. Scholl is a treatment that diminishes the discoloration of the nails, over time will regain its natural shine and hardness, ceasing to be off, fragile and brittle. The results are observed from the first month of use of this product. Try it and enjoy healthy and vital nails!

    Recommended Use: use the liquid on the infected nail once a day. Repeat the treatment for 4 weeks.

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