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WP INK by Dr. Ink has everything you need to achieve an optimal muscle recovery like high protein value and low sugar. It is a delicious food supplement of whey protein isolate enriched with vitamin B6, making it perfect for high-strength athletes in order to their meet sports needs.

    Improve your physical performance when training thanks to WP INK by Dr. Ink, a nutritional supplement that optimizes muscle recovery in an incredible way.

    WP INK by Dr.Ink is special for athletes who follow protein diets to lose weight, it is also a perfect protein for muscle recovery, which is essential to optimize physical performance during training, and that is why you can quickly and efficiently achieve all your goals; It also comes in several unique flavours that make it delicious. An innovative high quality sports formula, made from whey protein isolate, famous for its rapid absorption and for its high biological value, it is perfect for achieving quality, strong and defined muscles because of its excellent nutrients' contribution and due to its low fat and sugar content, also repowered with vitamin B6 and digestive enzymes for maximum absorption.

    Characteristics of WP INK by Dr Ink Nutrition

    • It is a food supplement made from whey protein isolate of high biological value
    • It is perfect to meet the protein needs of all types of athletes
    • It contributes to an optimal muscle recovery
    • It helps to get muscles, healthy, strong and well trained
    • It contains a big amount of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids
    • It is a perfect supplement for weight loss diets
    • It improves sports performance
    • It is low in fat and sugars
    • It is fast absorbing and easy intake
    • It comes in several delicious flavours

    What is in each WP INK intake by Dr Ink Nutrition?

    This food supplement comes in a powder presentation, easy and quick dissolution in liquids. It is a safe supplemental because it has a fast absorption, contains a high percentage of proteins and it is low in fats and sugars. In addition, it has a complete amino acid profile with BCAAs, Glutamine, arginine and aspartic acid, among others.

    Content per dose (30g, cheesecake flavour and cocoa biscuit), these values ​​may vary according to its flavour:

    • It has an energy value of 111 Kcal
    • It contains 26g of protein
    • It has 1.1g of carbohydrates, of which 0.3 gr are sugars
    • It has 0.3g of fats, of which 0.2 grams are saturated.
    • It has 0.21g of salt
    • It contains 1.3mg of vitamin B6
    • You have 30mg of DigeZyme (digestive enzymes)

    Benefits of WP INK by Dr Ink Nutrition

    This great protein provides really important benefits that will contribute to a significant improvement of your sports performance, helping to perfect muscle recovery after exercise, which is essential in order to reach all your goals; It is also special to add to fat loss diets, helping you get quality muscles.

    WP INK by Dr. Ink will help you to efficiently perform your training routine and your competitions as well as having a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It is perfect for athletes who are looking for an effective complement to increase their protein intake.

    Recommended daily dose of WP INK by Dr Ink Nutrition

    • Take 30g dissolved in water or skim milk
    • Have it preferably after training
    • Take it daily
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