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A company that currently works on dietary industry, offers you a source of totally organic and naturally-based protein and fiber with vegetables. The result is a delicious vegan burger made with spinach, chickpeas, beets and legumes. They are low in fat and a good contributon to a healthy diet.

    Vegan burgers, a delicious and healthy option!

    If you spend hours in the gym and follow a strict diet to look and feel good, at some point they crave and want to continue maintaining a healthy and balanced life, this product may interest you. Diet Premium brings to you new and tasty vegan burgers with its two options: one of spinach and chickpeas and another one with beet and legumes. It has no preservatives or colouring. It is low fat and it provides all the protein and fiber benefits, made entirely with vegetables. It has a delicious flavour.

    Characteristics of Vegan Burgers by Diet Premium

    • Vegetable burgers, made without preservatives or artificial colouring.
    • It contains a good source of vitamins and minerals.
    • Without gluten and lactose-free.
    • It is suitable for vegans.

    What is in each packing of Vegan Burgers by Diet Premium?

    Each package contains two 80g burgers in its two presentations: beet with legume and spinach with chickpeas.

    Ingredients: Chickpeas, beans, onion, beets, salt, water, sunflower oil, spices.

    This product provides nutritionally 969 kj / 100g of energy, caloric intake: 230 kcal / 100g, fats 7.4 g / 100g, fatty acids; saturated 0.9 g / 100g, polyunsaturated 4.3g / 100g, monounsaturated 2.2g / 100g, carbohydrates 31.9 g / 100g, total sugars 1.3g / 100g, 9g / 100g; content in: salt 0.85g / 100g and sodium 0.34g / 100g.

    Why trying Vegan Burgers by Diet Premium?

    If you are looking for protein sources for muscles' maintenance and development, but you don't want an animal origin, this product brings you the benefits of the protein but from vegetable sources, low in fat and with natural ingredients. It guarantees you a better absorption and promotes a better assimilation thanks to its high fiber content, without lactose or gluten. It is perfect for users who suffer from celiac problems. In addition, if you want to have a varied and balanced diet with something different like a burger, this option rich in vegetables provides you a delicious dish with a rich flavour. It is an excellent nutritional supplement rich in vitamins and minerals that improves blood cholesterol levels and in general, quality of life.

    This product is recommended for everybody, who want to maintain their ideal weight based on vegan nutrition, those who are looking for a source of protein and fiber of plant origin, perfect for young and adults.

    Recommended daily dose of Vegan Burgers

    • Preferably have one and a maximum of 2.
    • It should be used as a complement during meals.
    • It is not a substitute for daily eating.
    • You should have a varied and balanced diet.
    • Exceeding consumption means eating higher amounts of calories.
    • Keep it in a refrigerator between 0 to 4 ° C.
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