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Poultry Chicken Breast - 1 kg

Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is a delicious and fresh chicken cut, totally clean and defatted for an incredibly healthy consumption. A very exquisite product, designed to be incorporated in all kinds of diets. Thanks to the production methods applied, a healthy consumption is guaranteed, free of alterations and artificial substances.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is an exquisite piece of meat to fill your body with the necessary nutrients.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is a quality cut of chicken that is very well selected, defatted and prepared by experts.

    A healthy food that comes ready to cook, which is something that everyone likes. It has a distinctive flavor that will surely improve your dining experience and is backed by strict quality standards.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is a very nutritious piece of chicken that will provide your body with excellent properties and benefits, which stimulates the optimal development and proper growth of the body. In addition, thanks to its preparation and freshness, once cooked, it gets a perfect texture that will leave yourself and your loved ones speechless.

    Without a doubt, the delicious Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is an effective product for daily and prolonged consumption. Given its characteristics, it is one of the most versatile foods you can have in your pantry. In fact, there are numerous options available to accompany with other ingredients and recipes. If you are an adventurer, you can always make this chicken breast on the grill and using barbecue sauce. Similarly, in order to make its consumption completely nutritious and quite healthy, you can include some vegetables and pour lemon sauce.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium allows you to tinker with the final taste you like. It can be seasoned in order to give it a spicier, saltier or even milder taste. While there are many forms of preparation, whether grilled, broiled, battered or baked, the results are equally promising. A piece of fresh, juicy and appetizing chicken to satisfy cravings with a unique flavor. Also, regardless of the accompaniments, you will get a tasty dish, but above all, natural and healthy.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is intended for all diets, but, due to all its properties and benefits, it is special for sports nutrition. Thanks to its generous protein content of high biological value, it allows, day by day, to recover, maintain or increase the muscle mass. Equally, it is a quite suitable option to be able to reduce the caloric intake, therefore it is very convenient to include it in diets for weight loss. In addition to complete proteins, it is also a very rich source of essential vitamins and minerals.

    Facts of Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium

    • Defatted chicken breast.
    • Free of skin and bones.
    • Contributes vitamins and minerals.
    • Offers high levels of protein.
    • Has a low fat content.
    • Can be pan-fried, battered or grilled.
    • Boosts the flavor of all your food.

    Poultry Chicken Breast from Diet Premium is a product designed for healthy and nutritious consumption. A very exquisite and juicy piece of chicken to improve the flavor of any recipe. Adjust every day your eating habits with a succulent product full of essential properties for your body.

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