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Hake burgers by Diet Premium is a delicious option for your meals. You have to try these tasty and very healthy burgers that are also very easy to consume, since all you have to do is cook them. They have an excellent flavor that will delight your family.

    Hake Burgers by Diet Premium is a delicious and very healthy option for your kitchen. Enjoy its wonderful flavor and texture, along with its excellent nutritional value!

    Hake Burgers by Diet Premium is a delicious and nutritious food that you have to have at your disposal for your daily meals.

    Do not miss out on these hamburgers that you can cook with ease and with which you can delight your family. Especially your children, who can easily get used to eating fish, with this exquisite and very healthy option. Its consumption provides proteins, B vitamins, iodine, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc. But the most important thing is that it is a tasty and very appetizing food, for use in hamburgers or simple dishes. Choose how to take advantage of its wonderful virtues.

    Turn the fish into a real pleasure with this Hake Burgers. If you want a source of protein, low caloric value and great biological value, few things are better than fish consumption. But often children refuse to eat it, often motivated because their appearance seems strange. These burgers have been processed giving them a recognizable appearance, that of a popular food a little more acceptable to them. They are also tender and really appetizing, so they will surely like it. It is a practical and accessible way to help them have a healthy diet that favors their development.

    There are numerous ways in which you and your family will be delighted with this Hake Burgers. You can enjoy tasting them with melted cheese, bolognese sauce or a 4-cheese white sauce. These burgers are very well accompanied with arugula, bean sprouts and onions. You can also use an animal-shaped cutter as another strategy to make children want to try them. In the same way you can taste them with a white bean sauteed with mushrooms and roquefort cheese. Go ahead and make this food a new opportunity to make your kitchen something really irresistible.

    Hake Burgers by Diet Premium properties

    Contributes 138 kcal.
    It has 4.2 g that include 0.8 g of saturated fats.
    It has 8.2 g of carbohydrates that include 0.3 g of sugars.
    It offers 16.3 g of proteins.

    Hake Burgers by Diet Premium is a delicious food that you can not miss. It is ideal for your diet, since it will provide you with proteins of great biological value, with a low caloric impact. Enjoy consuming delicious, tender and incredibly healthy fish. It is your opportunity to make your children improve their diet. What more can you ask?

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