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Canned Colt Burger - 100g

Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger is an excellent nutritional supplement that will allow you to contribute to your daily food intake all the proteins your body needs. Break the schemes of those boring diets without consuming meats, because with this wonderful product you will be able to enjoy the rich flavor of the meat without remorse.

    Canned Colt Burger, all the flavor of your favorite hamburger, rich in protein and with fewer calories.

    Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger is a fantastic product developed under the highest quality standards for consumption, recommended for the use of athletes in intense physical training thanks to its high protein content that provide endurance and strength to their performance.

    Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger is also used by nutrition and dietetic experts in weight loss plans for patients, thanks to its composition based on 100% natural meat, which is also free of carbohydrates and contains low levels of calories and fats that it become an infallible ally in the struggle to control the anxiety generated by the application of dietary regimes aimed at lowering the levels of fat and toxins in our body. Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger preserves the traditional quality and flavor of these foods without the high fat content it provides to the body when consumed.

    The practical and comfortable presentation of this product guarantees its durability, freshness and conservation without the need for refrigeration, and also allows you to take it anywhere. Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger contains no preservatives, coloring, or added salts, thus ensuring the naturalness of the components that make up the product, ideal for athletes and for those who seek to care for their figure while maintaining a diet 100% healthy, without leaving aside the rich flavor that everyone likes to enjoy.

    Facts of Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger

    • Practical container containing 100 grams of product, easy to use and carry anywhere.
    • Developed with 100% natural ingredients.
    • Perfect alternative for nutritional and dietary regimens for weight loss.
    • Free of preservatives, dyes and other chemical additives, harmful to our body.
    • Free of carbohydrates and cholesterol.
    • Provides a high protein content, suitable for athletes.
    • Low levels of fat in its contents.
    • Delicious taste of burgers.

    Canned Colt Burger from Diet Premium Burger is a great product that can be ingested in several ways; from integrating it to mixtures of salads based on vegetables and fruits, to consuming it alone, enjoying its rich flavor free of remorse.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, consume it once a week, substituting one of the foods, to counteract the anxiety caused by the diet.

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