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Tribulus - 100 caps

Tribulus from Devotika is a dietary supplement containing a natural extract of Tribulus Terrestris and saponins (mainly protodiscins and protogracillins). It was designed for contributing to the increase of the muscle mass, having as benefits an increase of the physical capacity and a quick recovery after an intense training.

    Devotika brings for you Tribulus, a dietary supplement that will help your body to gain muscle mass and boost the physical ability in the best way possible.

    Tribulus from Devotika is a natural supplement in tablet format that contains a concentrate of the plant Tribulus Terrestris, plus a concentrate consisting of 90% saponins.

    It will provide you with vitamins and minerals necessary to help you increase the muscle mass and boost the strength. It is a natural product without additives or chemicals added, therefore it won't harm the organism. By ingesting this supplement, you will be giving your body what is necessary to perform to the maximum in training.

    The supplement Tribulus from Devotika has an important content of saponins, which is in charge of increasing the testosterone levels in the body, as well as the muscle growth. It helps athletes to boost their physical activity, provides the necessary protein for the body to have a good operation, playing an important role in the prevention of the loss of proteins in the muscle tissues.

    Tribulus from Devotika is made under the strictest standards of quality, developed by experts in sports nutrition using saponins, an active natural glycoside found in the plant Tribulus Terrestris that will help you boost the natural levels of testosterone, thus offering a wide range of benefits, especially the increase in strength, muscle volume and help raise low levels of testosterone, which prevents a deficient sexual performance and a lack of sexual appetite.

    Facts of Tribulus from Devotika

    • Maximizes the natural production of testosterone.
    • 90% of the product is saponins.
    • Contributes to the increase of strength.
    • Contributes to boost the power.
    • Promotes the gain of lean muscle mass.
    • Helps to improve the sexual potency.
    • Stimulates the improvement of the blood circulation.
    • An effective supplement.
    • All its ingredients are completely natural
    • High-quality product.

    The consumption of Tribulus from Devotika will help with the increase of the testosterone levels in the body effectively, thanks to its content of an extract of Tribulus Terrestris, obtaining flavonoids that act on the so-called free radicals. By consuming this supplement, you will be giving your body what it needs and deserves naturally to increase the physical capacity, increase strength and sexual potency, so it can be said that product is very recommended for sportsmen who practice any discipline, people who want to boost the sexual potency or lift their spirits up.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, take a tablet a day accompanied with a glass of water. Preferably before a training session or with breakfast.

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