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Rapid Muscle Gainer - 5440 g

Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika is a supplement designed to promote a correct and powered muscle building. It also promotes the contribution of energy and allows a quick recovery after an intense training. It has been made from powerful and important components, which make this product one of the best on the market.

    Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika is the most powerful and best dietary supplement on the market. Be clever today and take advantage of all its benefits to look the best you can and as good as anyone.

    This is a special dietary supplement that produces a spectacular volumizing effect in the body. This product brings important complex carbohydrates, which makes this supplement highly effective and powerful.

    Moreover, Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika provides a spectacular content of vitamin E, vitamin C and B vitamins, which will favor your body in a very amazing way. Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika is a great product that promotes muscle growth, is an excellent volumizer, has antioxidant effect and benefits the contribution of energy. We should note that this great product has a good taste and its quality is very high.

    This product provides high-quality carbohydrates, but also proteins of high biological value. Its smart design allows to obtain a strong and adequate muscle development, benefits you cannot get with other supplements. Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika is a wonderful supplement that offer important properties, as proper building of muscle fibers, allows a faster recovery after training and considerably benefits the levels of energy. With this magnificent product, you can improve your body, sports performance and recovery after an intense training.

    This special supplement is able to produce excellent results, thanks to its smart formula and its high content of Vitargo. In addition, it has a great content of CFM seric protein, which is renowned for its quality and because benefits a solid construction of muscles. Supplementation with the great Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika, you can help to maintain your energy levels for longer, you get a better muscle recovery, among many other benefits. This is a product ideal for people who want to increase their weight or volume in a healthy way. Enjoy its flavor, ease of use, properties and magnificent results it provides.

    Facts of Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika

    • Contributes to have an excellent muscle recovery.
    • Is a quality, effective and powerful supplement.
    • Allows the construction of solid muscles.
    • Provides complex carbohydrates.
    • Increases the muscle volume.
    • Boosts the contribution of energy.
    • Easy to use.
    • Has a delicious taste.

    Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika is a powerful product that will surprise you with its magnificent results. Rapid Muscle Gainer from Devotika will allow you to have a better performance and a greater muscle mass volume. Do not miss the opportunity to feel and look as the best.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, add 60 g of the product in 250-300 ml of water, skimmed milk or a vegetable drink. Have 3 intakes daily, one with breakfast, another between meals and another after training.

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