Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika is a fast absorption dietary supplement based on a whey protein isolate, since it contains a high percentage of essential BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) of high biological value, being recommended for athletes and people on a diet that requires an extra of protein.

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Devotika brings you Pure Isolate Whey Protein, which is essentially whey protein, low in carbohydrates and fats. Ideal for definition purposes or to maintain proper body composition.

Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika is a dietary supplement that contains a pure whey protein isolate, low in carbohydrates and fats. Ideal for people who are undergoing a definition stage or those who want to maintain a proper body constitution.

Whey protein has an excellent biological value and helps to recover the muscles after training, maintain the muscles and take care of the immune and nervous systems. It contains a complete mixture in its general profile of amino acids and also in the appropriate concentrations for optimal performance of the body, also thanks to its high protein level and its antioxidant content, it helps to keep the immune system healthy. Whey protein is able to improve body constitution, improves sports performance, reduces post-exercise muscle damage and promotes muscle development.

The supplement Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika is formulated based on a whey protein isolate, since it is very rich in BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), especially in leucine. In addition, it is absorbed faster than other types of proteins, thus being the perfect nutritional source for muscles after workouts.

Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika uses cross-flow microfiltration isolation of at low temperature, avoiding the loss of amino acids and maintaining a high biological value. Whey isolate is a very complete protein that provides all the amino acids that the body needs to maintain high levels of physical performance with practically 0 fats and lactose. This protein is perfect both for people who are on a diet aimed at gaining volume or definition since it is low in fat and sugar, so the calories it provides us with come from proteins.

Facts of Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika

  • Promotes muscle recovery.
  • Provides very high quality whey proteins.
  • Helps reduce muscle loss.
  • Contributes to muscle development.
  • Excellent nutritional quality.
  • Excellent solubility.
  • Low fat content.
  • Helps optimize muscle recovery.
  • Contributes to protect for the immune system.
  • Promotes the loss of fat.

Consuming the supplement Pure Isolate Whey Protein from Devotika will be a good option to include protein into the diet, especially in active people, athletes or those intolerant to lactose. In addition, it is ideal for fitness lovers, gym users who wish to consume an adequate source of protein or high performance athletes, who seek to consume a protein supplement that has a high concentration and purity. This supplement contributes to muscle recovery, development and protection.

Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, dilute 30 g of product (1 saucepan) in 250-300 ml of water. Take 2 doses a day: one preferably with breakfast or between main meals and the other after training.

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