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Omega 3 - 90 softgels

Omega 3 from Devotika is a great dietary supplement, which has been prepared based on fish oil and enriched with vitamin E. Its preparation makes it possible to adequately provide EPA and DHA, which are essential fatty acids.

    Omega 3 from Devotika is a powerful and wonderful supplement that will provide you with the essential fatty acids.

    This is a very special dietary supplement that has been designed to help meet the daily requirements of EPA and DHA, which are essential fatty acids.

    This product has been prepared with fish oil and enriched with vitamin E. Such combination allows to provide excellent essential fatty acids and an antioxidant power. Omega 3 from Devotika is the best choice for meeting daily requirements for such nutrients, to greatly benefit the body and to provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids. Give your body what it needs so that it has the best performance.

    This product also provides provide EPA, which is very important because it increases the amount of HDL "good fats" and significantly reduces the levels of LDL "bad fats." It also provides DHA which has an important role in cognitive processes, benefits the heart, eyesight and brain. Omega 3 from Devotika not only meets some important daily requirements, but also supports the body overall. Enjoy the dietary supplement that provides omega 3 in the best way possible!

    It is highly recommended that you supplement your diet with this product because it has a very important content. With its consumption, you will favor your memory, you will contribute to the protection of your brain, eyesight, you will favor the blood flow, you will support the cognitive processes, you will greatly benefit the heart, and with its vitamin E content, you will obtain a wonderful antioxidant power. In addition, it should be noted that the body does not manufacture these essential fatty acids, therefore they must be obtained through food or by complementation. Omega 3 from Devotika is a wonderful product with which you can give your body the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids, in a safe and functional way. This supplement greatly favors the cardiovascular system, cognitive processes, blood flow, eyesight, among other important benefits.

    Facts of Omega 3 from Devotika

    • Benefits the blood flow.
    • Made from excellent fish oil.
    • Favors the cardiovascular system incredibly.
    • Ideal to promote, support and benefit the body.
    • Provides the incredible fatty acids called DHA and EPA.
    • Perfect to meet the daily requirements for DHA and EPA.
    • Benefits cognitive processes, the brain and eyesight.
    • Helps the adequate increase of HDL (good fats).

    This supplement is perfect to meet the daily requirements for essential fatty acids, and to provide the body with the best possible benefits. Omega 3 from Devotika offers you an outstanding formula, wonderful properties and the best results. You will not find a better dietary supplement based on omega 3 on the market.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, take 3 capsules a day. It is recommended to take 1 capsule per main meal.

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