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L-Carnitine - 120 caps

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L-Carnitine from Devotika is a dietary supplement that favors the burning of body fat. It comes in capsules of vegetable origin so that their intake is as easy as possible. This product is recommended for athletes and / or sportsmen who are exposed to highly intense physical activities. In addition, it contributes to muscle recovery and keeps the brain protected.

    L-Carnitine from Devotika will be your best choice of dietary supplement that contributes to burn that body fat that you want gone. As a result, you will look and feel very good.

    L-Carnitine from Devotika is a dietary supplement, which has as ingredients L-carnitine tartrate, empty capsule (HPMC), anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate). It is very important to note that this product may contain traces of milk, gluten, fish, milk, sulfites and eggs, and what make it a product easy to digest is that it comes in the form of vegetable capsules.

    Within the wide range of benefits provided by L-Carnitine from Devotika, we cannot fail to mention that it is a supplement designed to stimulate the burning of body fat and its transformation into energy, which makes people who practice sports to have greater physical performance, even when increasing training intensity. It should be noted that this product plays an important role in muscle recovery and also leads to the increase of oxygen and nutrients in the body, which has the benefit of reducing physical wear.

    Another excellent benefit that this wonderful product brings is that it prolongs the effectiveness of antioxidant enzymes in the brain, which will not only guide us to achieve the goals set out, but will also help keep the brain protected, and that is precisely why, L-Carnitine from Devotika is highly recommended for sportsmen, athletes and all those who love doing physical activities and therefore help them achieve their goals. It is essential to highlight that despite the many benefits that this product can provide, they can only be received if the consumer is on a healthy, balanced diet and leads a healthy lifestyle.

    Facts of L-Carnitine from Devotika

    • In vegetable capsules.
    • Dietary supplement.
    • Body fat burner.
    • 100% pure supplement.
    • Recommended for sportsmen and/or athletes.
    • Transforms fat into energy.
    • Contributes to muscle recovery.
    • Protects the brain.
    • Reduces physical wear.
    • May contain traces of milk, soy, gluten, fish, sulfites and egg.
    • Has antioxidant action.
    • Boosts physical performance.
    • Must be kept out of the reach of children.

    All products made by Devotika offer guaranteed quality, which make them the favorite of many people, including sportsmen, athletes, bodybuilders, fitness lovers and those who enjoy doing physical activities. This time is not different, this brand brings to the market and thus at your reach, L-Carnitine from Devotika, which as a dietary supplement that will give you and take you to obtain those results you so much desire and, therefore, it will lead you to achieve excellent results. So, do not hesitate, acquire it now!

    L-Carnitine from Devotika is a quality product that will help you achieve your wildest goals, in a healthy and effective way. Best smart and choose the best on the market!

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, you are advised to take 4 tablets, half an hour before starting the physical training.

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