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L-Arginine - 90 tabs

If you are a sportsman, then you must have L-Arginine from Devotika among your supplements; since when there is high muscle wear or a high metabolic stress, arginine acts as an amino acid considered conditionally essential. In addition, arginine participates in the synthesis of proteins, intervenes in the synthesis of other compounds such as nitric oxide and creatine.

    L-Arginine from Devotika is perfect for your muscle mass.

    L-Arginine from Devotika provides your body with pure arginine in a highly available form that allows you to feel the power of this nitric oxide precursor immediately.

    It is important to know that nitric oxide is a molecule that acts as a vasodilator optimizing blood flow and the arrival of oxygen and nutrients to different tissues, so that its contribution can reduce muscle fatigue during the practice of sports activities, as well as improve male sexual potency.

    L-Arginine from Devotika is a versatile supplement that allows to increase the intensity of training and can also maximize its effectiveness by combining with a supplement based on vitamin C, a micronutrient that prolongs the average life of nitric oxide.

    This compound is intended primarily for those who perform intense exercises like you, because arginine helps remove ammonia from the muscles when you perform anaerobic exercises. This way your recovery will be faster. It is important to mention that studies have also proven that resistance to exhaustion is increased, takes longer to appear, in people who took a supplement based on L-Arginine, and also stimulates the release of growth hormone and improve the ability of the blood vessels.

    Therefore, a slimming phase can be carried out at night, before bedtime, combined with a low-calorie diet with a reduced intake of carbohydrates. It improves the athlete's body composition. Regarding the nutritional synergies of this supplement, arginine is often found in pre-workout supplements that include other energetic elements in order to increase intensity and endurance, among these, without a doubt, Beta-Alanine, Taurine and Creatine are the best, elements that have a perfect combination with arginine, and with the support of nitric oxide, which boosts its nutritional effectiveness, thus improving fitness.

    Facts of L-Arginine from Devotika

    • Nitric oxide precursor.
    • Improves the results of every training session.
    • High availability form of arginine.
    • Scientifically tested and proven.
    • Reduces the level of body fat.
    • Improves athletic performance.
    • Increases the protection of the immune system.
    • Improves the healing of wounds.
    • Dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation.
    • Synthesizes creatine and increases muscle energy reserves.

    As you probably know, vitamins, minerals and amino acids such as potassium and L-Arginine are essential elements for the performance and state of health of sportsmen. Do not stop using this product that can also be included in a protein-rich diet during a muscle mass gaining phase, as it optimizes the transfer of amino acids from the bloodstream to the muscle cells, intervenes to support the body's anabolic and lipolytic processes, stimulates the growth and development muscle mass in a correct and healthy way.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 tablets a day with meals. It is preferable not to combine arginine with the consumption of other amino acids in the following minutes because it would establish a "competition" in the body for the absorption of amino acids.

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