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Mega-saving Nature Condom - 12+12 units

Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control is a condom that provides a perfect adaptability. It is the thinnest condom ever, therefore it produces an unequaled sensitivity, so you will enjoy sex more pleasantly and safely. In addition, this condom is smooth, anatomical, transparent, lubricated and 54 mm thick.

    Live the best experience with Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control, which is ideal for those who seek to have very pleasant sex and live passionately.

    Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control is the most natural way of having sex, as its design fits men perfectly, so they can enjoy sex like never before.

    Made of natural rubber latex using the latest technology gave as a result a smooth surface, anatomical shape. Plus, it has a deposit and comes lubricated. Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control is the ideal condom for have good sex because it feels very sensual and its smoothness intensifies sensations and boosts the fun.

    It is the condom with which you can get the best sex you have ever experienced. In addition, thanks to its ergonomic shape, it is very easy to put on, making you enjoy having sex in a more comfortable, safe and satisfying way. By using Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control, you can feel safe because the products made by Control undergo rigorous quality controls. This product is available in fun and exclusive designs, with varieties to satisfy the tastes of everyone. Plus, this condom has the minimum thickness and its ergonomic shape allow greater fit and comfort while having sex.

    It belongs to a range of condoms specially designed for couples seeking to explore new ways of feeling and go through the most extreme passions. This condom is the only one lubricated with exclusive stimulating gels that increases the blood flow in the erection and improves the sensation of pleasure in the man. It is very easy and quick to put on, so you will get into action in seconds. Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control adds variety, sensations and fun to your experience, becoming the special way in which your parts will have a better smell, and therefore there will be no uncomfortable distractions, you just have to relax and enjoy the moment.

    Facts of Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control:

    • Natural rubber latex condom.
    • Contains water-based lubricant to achieve a natural feel.
    • Produces more sensitivity.
    • Super thin.
    • Smooth and ergonomic.

    Mega-saving Nature Condom from Control is ergonomic and fits naturally, thus offering total comfort during intercourse. Moreover, it is available in different sizes and thickness in order to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experience in the most pleasant way. It adapts to perfection offering incredible sensations and protection, regardless of its thinness. Ideal to obtain safety and enjoyment.

    Recommended use: condoms are single-use products. For a new sexual act, use a new condom. It is recommended to open a condom by its edges and with your fingers, which means that using the teeth or cutting it open with sharp objects is a bad idea because it can be damaged, and thus, its purpose lost.

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