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MOREmuscle.com hereinafter MM, organizes this initiative so that users can share their opinions, experiences and tips with other users completely free and for free, making easier uploading media through its website MOREmuscle.com .


Individuals over 18 may participate. Participation on this platform implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions established in these rules and the express submission of interpretative decisions from MM. may participate. Participation in this platform implies full acceptance of the terms and conditions established in these rules and express submission of interpretative decisions by MM.


Participants must upload the video on the platform found on the website: www.MOREmuscle.com, Videos must always be about an order or products found on this website, shall not be permitted, obscenity, aboveboard, or material that may offend the sensibilities of some kind of viewer


All videos must pass the review of the own MM team and must also comply the Youtube General Conditions (more info) until it will be published. Each video will be scored in various aspects like originality, presentation, quality of information and technical creativity. Besides the videos with the most views in the first 96 hours will receive a direct discount on the orders on which they purchased the products shown on the video.

A Video played 1000 times in the first 96 hours will receive a discount coupon equivalent to 100% of the investment for the purchase of the shown product, a video with 800 views a discount of 80%, and going on the same way as well. Only videos from registered customers with orders shall be entitled to the awards, the organization reserves the right to award the videos that have not had that level of Views but stand out in any of the factors discussed above, equally can be penalized if that any unethical or fraudulent action is suspected.



Participants will transfer to MM the rights of use, distribution, public communication, display and playback of the uploaded videos in accordance with the objectives of the competition for an indefinite period. Participants retain the intellectual property rights of the content of the videos.

Participants also authorize MM to use their name and image in publicity material relating to this contest, including the Internet, without receiving any consideration.

Participants guarantee and take responsibility against MM compliance with the provisions on intellectual property and image rights on the videos presented, stating that its distribution and / or reproduction does not injure or harm third parties. Participants who violate the law and cause damage to third parties will be responsible for any claim for damages that may be incurred.